the trip to Botanic Gardens started off with ice cream at island cremery. actually i think our summarised stories of our daytrip are all typed in a short chinese compo (作文) format on FB notes. pictures, too, are all up there. that will be this link, this link, and this link if you’re able to gain access. heh.

spot g and me inside my shades! she was setting up the tripod while i was just sitting on the poncho she brought along with snacks and food we bought for the supposedly-picnic, waiting to smile at the camera. (:

nice scenery!

the food! picnic in the nature was supposed to be good, but it was almost TOO nature. pigeons were loitering around and they seem as though they are going to attack us (or our food) any moment and damn, we had a really hard time trying to chase them away. *laughs*

some of my favourite photoshopped shots of the day.

ended the day with another sweet treat at McDonalds. the cinnamon melts was really good! i really really like it but i guess it was a tad too sweet for g. heh. but well, i feel that it’s a little pricey for a little snack like that. i probably will just make this purchase once, and just this once. hahah. another day spent in the sun with g, you could be my SUN buddy too! heh.

on a side note, i wrapped my poor thumb up like that during work today because i didn’t want to dirty the plaster i was wearing. i changed the plaster twice because they got stained with butter or got soaked in water till it isn’t protecting my injured area anymore. i must have looked really funny.

anyways, finally, with the help of the DSLR, i managed to capture the pretty words on the inner part of my Ev*lution ring. whether or not you guys are going to make a new one, i’m in love with my current one. heh. and thankyous (again) ben, for the camera. i think, since i’m only going to return to him on Sunday, i might as well bring it to school for Orientation tmr too. heh.

talking about that, it’s like a whole long day in school. lessons from 0830 to 1130, 1530 to 1830. clashing with Orientation which i’ve no idea what time it starts, all the way till 2130 at night. i really didn’t mind driving to school, although that means having to reach before 7am but sighs, parents gotta use the car tmr. ): a long day is awaiting and it seems like i’ve only 6 hours of sleep left. ciaos for now!