another endless pit.

as i’d always label September as a suckmywalletdry month, had a couple of birthday celebrations in a week. more to come of cos and the best thing is, all of them are of my closest friends and family. just a couple of photos to share. i guess facebook and twitter already did most of the “publicity” for me. still, though, i don’t wanna give up on my blog. (:

was there a little earlier to help out reyna babe with her party preparations last Saturday. had a few dozens of balloons pumped blown and was kinda getting out of breath. well, i like the colors in this picture so selfishly, i decided to choose this as one of the many others to post. heh.

happy 21st babe! and i swear Ev*lution is growing. not the full, not part too. alrights, just admit we’re a pretty complicated group. in a sense.. idk how to explain but.. i hold my 月 position dearly still. hahaha.

celebrated for gege on Thursday with a simple meal at Roma’s. being there was good cos since it was like my “home” anyways. could engage the help of ferlyna babe for all the photos-taking and stuff too. ultimate failed surprise with the cake but well.. effort k? effort!

5 because wuwu didn’t manage to join us. would have been more complete with her around. ): still, i must say i love the set of polaroids we took. know why? cos we had one that everyone made stupid faces which i really liked. very lucky for me, although being the last to pick randomly, i still got it. heh.

continued the night with an activity we haven’t done in a long while – yes, karaoke! somehow it’s an activity i’ll never get sick of. just continue singing for hours! who cares if you sound good or bad? it’s a tool to destress but beware.. a great tool to emo too. HAHAH

Friday night was spent with sissy and buddy for sissy’s birthday dinner. i once thought it was pretty weird a combi but surprisingly, it turns out pretty good. shared the treat with buddy for the exotic dinner at Original Sin and we continued the night with some beer at Wala wala. the wine + beer combi, again, gifted me a great night sleep.

not forgetting, of cos, the polaroids! time to top up my stock soon. i finally seem to find a way to utilize them. snap snap snap and give them all out. these are what i call awesome memories. (:

as time goes.