#throwback; sunset view from room in L.A last June

has it ever occur to you that life is all but a waiting game? everyday, we wait for the sun to rise, we wait for the bus to arrive, we wait for meals to be ready, we wait for time to pass, we wait for the night to fall, we wait for weekends to come… in short, there is definitely always something we are waiting for (to happen).

true that you can’t bum around and wait for miracles or opportunities to happen or drop from the sky. but at times, after fighting hard for something you want, you still have to wait, for confirmation or even just an affirmation.

but what do you do when the wait has finally paid off and you’ve gotten more than you waited for but you can’t have them all? would you let go of what you’ve been waiting for and settle for something you’ve gained along the way or would you hang on to the former?

after months of waiting; keeping faith, losing faith and even losing my mind, this piece of great news suddenly became a burden. looking at this from another angle, probably this is the first (forced) step towards making my own decision since I’ve been so indecisive all my life..

well, probably less than a week to really think through but at least I know that whatever decision I’m going to make, I’ve the unconditional support from my beloved family and the man of my life. 我想这样,就足够了!