my dream phone is out! launched a few days ago. *grins* but well, since horses & doggies years ago, i have been talking about DREAM phones but have never ever owned any one of them. i guess this won’t be an exception too but i just wanted to share this beautiful creation by Sony Ericsson with everyone since i don’t have much to blog about.. click here to view the details.

on a random note, i’m loving colour on my nails! RD303 from The Face Shop. sadly, i can never maintain them well thus i’ve got to repaint them again in like 2-3 days’ time? *pouts* anyways, it’s midweek tmr! don’t you just love Wednesdays? if only we don’t have to work on Thursdays……. yes, DP, you know what i mean, don’t you? hahaha alrights, shall prepare to go meet my girlfriends soon. CIAOS! (: