for no reason.

met up with gladys to shop yesterday and told her about my baking plans. and so, she came over to my place this afternoon for our ambitious plans of doing TWO cookie recipes. *laughs* but yea, the keyword here is ambitious; we only did one in the end because the quantity was quite enough and we were too lazy already. thus, we gave up the 2nd recipe for Choppy Biscuit as pictured above. (yes, that’s a picture from the recipe book)

the summarised recipe on a rough paper. looks pretty easy huh? i admit it was quite an easy recipe to follow but i guess our most tedious step was….



and still, SIFTING!!!

haha, blame if on our skills or on the sifter. we took bloody long to finish sifting the icing sugar and flour. it was draining all our energy; it was like working our hands out in the gym. *laughs* i complained to mummy about it but she actually told me that metalic thing was easy to use. i just wonder if she’s too good, or we’re too lousy. hahah.

finally done with the dough, we started testing on our first batch and the result was…

pretty successful! *smiles*

then, we tested on new shapes..

and new flavours.. heh, make full use of whatever i can find at home. ((:

this is the 2nd last batch; after doing all the drop cookies and odd funny looking cookies, we realised the job could be done so much easily with the nozzle! hahaha. furthermore, the main objective of us wanting to do a 2nd recipe was to play with the nozzle. so since it was canceled, we made full use of it with the remaining dough.

i was washing up by then so all the nozzle-shaped cookies are done by gladys! in any case, our masterpieces were all very beautiful! okay lah, most of them were. well, even if they weren’t, the most important thing is still the taste right? oh btw, the title of the recipe is Basic Vanilla Biscuits. but erm, we kinda lacked the vanilla essence. how ironic. *laughs*

white chocolate & stawberry flakes and chocolate chips.

the most pretty star-nozzle batch. spot a round bun! that’s the only piece in the batch that is done by me. *laughs* oh well, trying to claim credits, the chocolate chips were put by me too! hahaha..

the pretty waves!

does this reminds you of anything? i thought it kinda looked like CJ7..

the cookie face! heh.

all in all, been long since i last baked. probably the 2nd time without mummy’s supervision. quite a great sense of achievement, hor gladys? let’s do it again some day. this time, we shall use all the different nozzles! be prepared to see more regular shaped cookies! *grins* on another note, i really need some luck with job search. sighs.

i just like.