so i stopped seeing Dr Soh after my skin got better and i got complacent. contemplated going back but as i don’t see much improvements after my last visit, i decided to try another doctor that has been highly raved online. not sure if it’s a good choice but i guess only time will tell.

the thing about this doctor is that his instructions are so weird. and it’s funny how different doctors tell you different things. for this doctor, i’m not supposed to apply anything on my face. and anything included my daily toner, moisturizers and sunblock. my first thought was NO SUNBLOCK?! honestly, i am quite skeptical about it. plus, i’m gonna be under the sun for almost half my time during training so i’m quite concerned how dark i might turn without this layer of protection.

and that also meant that all the products i’ve recently purchased have gone to waste temporarily (or even for good). for now though, i’m gonna have to religiously (try to) wash my face with ONLY the face wash he provided 4 times a day and complete the course of pills for the next 3 weeks and see how it goes. keeping faith once again..

on a happier note, i’m gonna save a lot of time from not needing to apply anything on the face. just hope it wouldn’t make my already-quite-cui face worse. *fingers crossed*