Your first child was your first step at becoming a parent. Your second child is the final step in your journey to becoming a loving family.

We’ve all along wanted 2 kids, most perfect if we have a girl following our first boy so yes, I remember being an ass during the gender reveal party but didi, mama love you so so so much too! 4 months late into this post but we welcome yet another precious boy to the world on Mid-Autumn Festival last year, on 10/9/22. ❤️

Typed this whole birth story in my iPhone’s note when memory was still fresh cos I was afraid I’d forget the details in time to come so here is the long long story for my own memory sake!

Saw the gynae in the morning of 10/9/22 as I had irregular contractions the day before. CTG didn’t show much activity but after checks, doctor said I’m 2cm dilated and baby’s head was already very low. Baby’s weight was quite healthy should we decide to induce and get baby out within the day – logistically the best choice but we could also wait out till Mon when baby hits 37w mark but may risk him arriving earlier or anytime like how korkor did. So, we made the decision to settle the firstborn at in-laws’ place and admit into hospital at 2.30pm for all the required procedures for inducing as advised.

However, when 2.30pm came, we were told that there were no delivery suites available and it’s at least another 1.5-2 hours wait. Then, we sat around the lobby for awhile before they escorted us to the delivery suite some time just before 4pm and the waiting game begun. A nurse poked a super thick needle onto my wrist which hurt like f*ck. Honestly I’ve never cried at any needles but this one made me tear for quite awhile. The nurse informed that they will put me on drip for the contractions medication to intensify the contractions through the IV drip. Didn’t think it had much effect though cos my waterbag was still intact and I honestly didn’t feel much contractions although it was quite regular according to the charts. That needle stuck in my skin was more the bigger bitch which constantly hurt!

Requested for the nurse to check my dilation at around 5.45pm and she informed it was only 3cm. Like OMG, only 1cm more after 7-8 hours of wait?! Was telling hubs how much I regretted admitting ourselves in cos the nurse also told us that there isn’t any wards available and they’d have to put us in isolation ward regardless what time baby is going to be out. But yeah, since we’ve already made the decision and already admitted ourselves, there isn’t much that we could do other than wait. Was so hungry by then but thankfully dinner came to us at around 6.30pm. Thankfully we could still have our meals in peace and also because I didnt ask for epidural, I wasn’t denied of food. Halfway through dinner, the nurse updated us that doctor will be coming to break the waterbag soon.

She arrived at around 7pm, just when we were done with dinner, broke the waterbag (honestly, didn’t feel anything?) and did a dilation check. Was informed that it was around 4-5cm and the doctor told us that she will be back at around 9pm as her prediction is for baby to be out before 10pm so I supposedly still have around 2 hours to wait for the contractions to intensify. She asked again and I refused the offer again for epidural to be administered but totally regretted my decision shortly after.

It probably was around 7.30pm when I kept going for the laughing gas each time the contractions came. By 7.40pm, I was already dying from the pain and begging the nurse to check on me. Last I remembered, the nurse said dilation was 6cm and told me to continue monitoring. I remembered her exact words being “Don’t worry mummy, only 6cm!” before she left our room. It was less than 5 minutes after she went out and I felt this intense pain, so bad that I was screaming into the laughing gas mask and told hubs that I cannot take it anymore. Immediately pressed the call button to call the nurse in again and this time, I was literally zoning out from breathing in too much laughing gas.

I thought I felt myself floating in another world but could still hear the background sounds. I vaguely remember hearing the nurses scrambling to call the doctor while doing some more checks and said I was already 8-9cm dilated. Then I heard someone telling me not to push and that I was just literally screaming and crying badly into the mask. I was constantly reminded to take deep breaths, not to push and even felt somebody’s finger (I think) stuck at my cervix trying to keep the baby’s head in while waiting for the doctor to arrive.

In between some of the breaths, I felt myself being brought back to the real world when hubs took out the laughing gas mask from my face and there, I made quick conversations and asked why I can’t push without the doctor! I also remember the nurse asking if I want her to deliver instead but before I could answer, the intense pain came again and I zoned out, again… Subconsciously, I heard them telling me not to push because I’m going to tear badly if I don’t listen to them. So, I tried my hardest to take deep deep breaths just so that (tear) wouldn’t happen. When I came round again, I remember begging the nurse to please just help me deliver already if the doctor is still not going to be here as I really couldn’t take it anymore. Then I heard them reporting that “patient wants to deliver herself already, check doctor’s location“. That was then another nurse reported that the doctor’s at the carpark and would be up in 5 minutes. Then, they continued sticking that finger there and held the baby in.

I think the doctor FINALLY arrived shortly after and I thought I could FINALLY push baby out but no, I heard her telling me to wait while I feel her rushing to put creams or gels of some sort and it was probably another 5 minutes or so before I was given the green light to finally push and there he comes! Honestly, I think less than 2 push and thank goodness, was finally relieved.

I was still complaining how this 2nd delivery isn’t any faster than my 1st in the beginning but all in all, once the waterbag was burst, everything just fast forwarded really fast. Thankfully, the doctor said that the tear this time was surprisingly smaller than the previous. She even casually made a remark that if I ever had a 3rd kid, she’d standby by my side already. I guess she just under-estimated how quickly my labour will progress despite the first already being ‘fast and furious‘ as described by her.

Till now, the flashbacks of the entire evening just keep coming back to me. Overall, I am super amazed by this whole 2nd labour experience but unlike the previous, I’m going to say, I don’t think I can go through another labour ever. This one really really broke my body. This would be the last, for sure (unless any accidents happen). #stopattwoplease

Still, I’ve to thank this boy for a relatively short labour as well, similar to his korkor. 4 months into motherhood for a 2nd time now and there’s still so much to learn everyday. Breastfeeding is still a bitch but supply is so so so much better this time around. Having 3 hours (or more) of sleep becomes a luxury and I’m down to 35 more days of ML before going back to work. Having really mixed feelings and I’m definitely going to miss seeing this little boy 24/7. Time, please slow down…