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got hooked to this song since Poetic Justice (微笑正义) and then it was playing on my playlist just now. now that fion got us Della’s concert tickets for January, i guess her songs will be on my playlist for awhile.. can’t wait for it! *winks

lyrics here.


48 days.

really love this song! kinda got hooked to it after watching The Oath 《行医》 earlier in the month.. Jesseca Liu is probably one of the main reasons why i actually watched it. well, i’ve always been rather supportive of local productions anyways, just that i don’t watch those episodes broadcasted on TV, doing it either online or on the pre-loaded MobTV select on mio just so i can watch as & when i feel like it and more importantly, not being restricted to the 7pm or 9pm timing while sitting through umpteen advertisements..

lyrics to 海枯石烂..

Jam’s a gem

those mesmerizing eyes.

was watching 百万大歌星 again just now (yes, my favourite Sunday 7pm show) and caught JAM on it. seriously, i really really like his songs, or rather, his voice, ever since the first time i watched his PK on youtube. and he’s really cute, ain’t he? i think guys with impactful voices and can sing well are SIMPLY attractive. OH! i didn’t just leak out the secret that i get attracted to guys who sings well easily, did i? *laughs* actually… i fall in love with girls who can sing too! heh.

on a side note, 加油 to everyone taking OT! everyone seems to be so stressed over it, i really feel for them. especially buddy, hang in there alrights! ((:

he took my breath away.


i’m so impressed. i took my 5-year old darling to the toilet today and after she was done with her stuffs, she actually started washing her hands in the above way (or even more than just that 6 steps). so adorable! she was trying to recall each and every step she was taught in school, and she even recited the steps to me so that i could learn too. with that, think thrice before you teach a kid something you’re unsure of because i think, they really learn..

rights, if you’ve noticed, i changed my current media again! right now, it’s playing this pretty boy’s song! i really love his voice, unique with a style of his own. been waiting for the songs and his album to be out and yup, today is the day i own all of them! *grins*

oh yes, and i almost forgot, i haven’t wished my daddy, “happy fathers’ day!“. oops.


Colbie Caillat – Realize



Timeless (adj.)
– without beginning or end; eternal; everlasting

i really hate wordpress for not being able to embed imeem. thus, this is the only way i can share music. i think the korean version sounds better but posted this cos i can only understand the chinese one. heh. anyways, is there even such a thing called timeless love? *wonders* oh well, time to go out soon..

happy good friday everyone! (:


Like water

i seriously love her voice man!

anyways, i actually rejected my supervisor’s offer to go lunch together. not that i’m anti-social. just felt that it was weird. but well, eating alone saves alot of time! that is why i can blog right now.. shall update again tonight when i transfer the photos in. till then, take care! (:

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