i’m so impressed. i took my 5-year old darling to the toilet today and after she was done with her stuffs, she actually started washing her hands in the above way (or even more than just that 6 steps). so adorable! she was trying to recall each and every step she was taught in school, and she even recited the steps to me so that i could learn too. with that, think thrice before you teach a kid something you’re unsure of because i think, they really learn..

rights, if you’ve noticed, i changed my current media again! right now, it’s playing this pretty boy’s song! i really love his voice, unique with a style of his own. been waiting for the songs and his album to be out and yup, today is the day i own all of them! *grins*

oh yes, and i almost forgot, i haven’t wished my daddy, “happy fathers’ day!“. oops.