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Religious Classes

Packed weekends

life as a whole.

back from one weekend had the poor flower lose the energy to live. however, giving it water revived it again shortly. i wonder if that would apply for human beings as well. packing my weekends without work with activities. i guess these can be the “water” to revive me. so tired of being exhausted from all the workload, shitholes and rubbish thoughts. i think i can be a better person. *smiles* did i mention i’ve red stripes of hair now? not exactly loving it but it gives me some courage for a change. heading for initiation later to mark this weekend. as for the last, here’s a few pictures! (:

weekends away.

The heat

is killing me.

the two posters done for the birthday boys. sometimes i just wish i had more designing-cells in me. then maybe, just maybe, my pieces of work will have more variations, without looking like the same. sighs. anyways, a happy belated birthday to yong beng and happy birthday in advanced to ming wei! note: they are only 3 days apart.. (:

weekend with plentys.


and i’ll still drink.

headed down to school for the orientation dry-run yesterday afternoon. nicky gave most of us a box of chocolate each. haven’t tried it yet but i really like how it is packaged. was it trying to imitate some medical packaging or something? but i like the labeling of x-large, large, medium and small. innovative! (:

a packed Friday..

Of thoughts

keep it locked.

after spending all my supposed-mugging-time with my bed the entire day yesterday, headed out for mum+dad’s day dinner with my family and relatives. i just wanna say, i really haven’t started revision for my Tuesday paper and i think i’m really screwed this time. but then again, i think i’ve no rights at all to whine about this because it’s me who chose to put every other thing above studies so yup, i deserve whatever consequences that are coming my way. ):

it’s still a Sunday anyway!

Just great

the love of beans.

great start for my 4 year-old baby. now it’s pretty much cleaned up and working faster. still saving up money for my macbook funds, not anywhere near to affording it so it’s time i treat my current baby with care for now. heh. so yup, haven’t really been active in here because there’s only so much my omnia can do for surfing – mobile twitter, mobile facebook. hahah.

weekends and the 2nd paper.

Sweat it out


Sunday morning was spent at youth group, as usual. had outdoor activities this week but i guess this is the last time we’re having fun without tuition class for the time being. in any case, i had fun being around and making more new¬† friends (the kids). headed for work after that; the laomaobing splitting headache came visiting again and didn’t go away until this morning.. ):

and i squashed today!

The weekend

as though we know.

beautiful drawings by a couple of people, but the main contributor is, BERNIE CHOY. (: seems like eons since i last mentioned his name on my blog. both him and zhao ting are like so missed.. anyways, attended networking session yesterday. first and foremost, thank you misha for the council tee! headed to CWP in the morning to repair my phone and borrowed the tee from her. (:

NWS and Sunday.

Eighty2 or 3

ripe old age.

as granny’s grows older, the number of candles on her cake just seemed to get more and more, till the extent that when i asked, nobody knows how old she ACTUALLY is. *laughs* but yup, since she’s in the zodiac of rabbit, i did some calculations and realised she’s only 82 this year; 83 according to chinese calendar. i tried counting the number of candles on the cake in the pictures and it’s like 85! gosh, how ridiculous can that be? anyways, we celebrated her birthday pretty early this year, on the Saturday which just passed.

weekends before school starts.

8 days at Taiwan

the grace of the heavenly Mother. (:

rights, finally a short summary of the trip that i’ve been mentioning for at least the past 8 entries. haha. trying to write up an entry based on some notes i made in point form throughout the trip.

had a great experience and insight there. specifically, the toilets. the flushes over there are not strong enough so somehow, we had to constantly rmb to dispose our used toilet papers in the bin beside instead of into the toilet bowls. so yup, you can alr imagine the “fragrance” in the toilets. haha. and i had loads of regrets, one not being able to find my vivitar which has been hiding for the past 2 months as there were really great scenery i could have shot with it. ):

caution: contents heavy.

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