as though we know.

beautiful drawings by a couple of people, but the main contributor is, BERNIE CHOY. (: seems like eons since i last mentioned his name on my blog. both him and zhao ting are like so missed.. anyways, attended networking session yesterday. first and foremost, thank you misha for the council tee! headed to CWP in the morning to repair my phone and borrowed the tee from her. (:

rights, i should say that the turnout for the NWS this sem, compared to last, wasn’t very good. probably cos this is the January intake. anyhows, was assigned to group 5 and each group actually has like more councilors than freshies, if not equal. i think last sem we had probably 4 to 5 freshies per councilor? but well, that’s not the point anyway. the event went well and kudos to everyone especially the planning committee.

MnP love! without bernie & babe who left early; with the ex-MnPian VP, teddy. photo credits to keith. didn’t really take a lot of photos, i realised. or maybe not uploaded by people yet. but if i’m not wrong, none with my group at all, sadly. oh well. but still, awaiting pictures from babe because i guess it was the only other camera that i know of, other than keith’s. (:

a couple of us cabbed down to FourAces after that. business looked pretty good, boyf looked so tired and worn out. hopefully things will get easier and better for all of them. (:

the tired faceS. haha.

us, with the boss. (: had a LONG LONG 1 hour journey on the LRT-NEL-EWL-NSL train ride home. but i’m glad i always have the NDS around. saves me from boredom, to a certain extent. hahah. oh btw, i’m currently hooked to a game called “Hotel Dusk: Room 215“, after being stucked at a certain stage for the “Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All” game. lols.

and as i was saying.. sent my phone for repair yesterday morning.

and only about 9 hours later, i received this sms! seems like replacing the LCD screen isn’t a tough job after all. hahah. should have done the repair earlier like as soon as i got back from Taiwan.. collected it today and it’s as good as new (other than the little scratch at the bottom which made me heart break a little) because everything’s gone! gotta re-enter all my contacts and stuff later on, but the good thing is, software updated..

still, i’d say the best thing is the price! heh. was like thinking how many hundreds of dollars i have to set aside for it already. the LCD crack due to my drop is obviously not covered under the warranty. but yup, Samsung was kind enough to replace it for free for just one time. maybe it’s a company policy. but i swear, i’m going to take good care of it so that this will NEVER happen again! (:

and yup, having enough rest for long enough, finally back to Sunday classes again. my two babes and i are all transferred back from our little kids class to the primary school ones. well, if you think older kids are easier to handle, THINK AGAIN! honestly, i foresee a higher level of patience-training for me. today was only like the appetizer…

first class with ice-breaking games and all was fun; getting to know all of them – their names, their level – was easy. BUT about communicating with them….. seems like a long long way to go. i won’t deny that i’m never good with kids but well, we shall see how it goes for the following weeks. (:

patience is the key.