time will change.

as what i’ll always indicate – FINALLY a meet-up with my girls again. our “monthly” meet-ups are failing badly and we seemed to only have time for one another like probably once every 2 to 3 months? didn’t even get to see them before we step into the new year. ): then, dearest mentioned that as we grow older, birthday celebrations become less exciting as well. but i’m glad at least previous years’ celebrations spent with them were always so unforgettable, enough to offset the missed out for 2008. *grins*

my two lovelies. met up after our school and work, which is like the only times we have for one another nowadays. sadly, juliana couldn’t make it this time round so yup, it’s DAZ minus one once again.. ):

the banana dessert pizza that we shared!

with dearest in the toilet. (:

window shopped a little and suddenly my dearest stopped moving and gave us this “in-pain” look. i swear she looked damn cute but she hid away when i took out the camera. hahaha. in case you still don’t get why she’s in pain, take a good look at her toes! it cramped on her! *laughs* sorry dearest, i really didn’t mean to laugh at you. heh heh.

up to the roof for some chit chats before we headed home. i was quite surprised we didn’t have as much stuffs to talk about anymore. but still, i like discussing about our expectations and imagine about how we are all going to be in future. still, seems like a long long route ahead. am looking forward to our 10th anniversary & our makeover date. (: anyways girls, the photo ain’t THAT bad after all right? i guess photoshop does help, right?

belated xmas present from my dearest. (:

on a side note, my phone bill finally came! because of the transfer of ownership, the bill is now addressed to my name and i had to pay 1.5 months of the subscription charges PLUS an additional $20 for the transfer fee. btw, my phone bills has always been really cheap; rarely exceeding $35. but yup, just when i was feeling damn sick from having to pay the bill, daddy offered to settle it for me! for the last time though. oh well, better than nothing right? in any case, i love my daddy. (:

and the lenses i bought a month ago is here! shall try them out some day..

and yes, school has officially started 2 days ago. the first 3 weeks will be visiting lectures for my 4 modules. as of now, 1 module has just ended, 3 more to go! babe and me decided to give today’s lecture a miss because we’ve been trying for the past 2 days but got nothing useful into our heads. was even playing sudoku on my NDS during class yesterday. *laughs* so yea, we figured that it’d just be a waste of time and transport fee to attend the class, what’s worse, MORNING class.. hahah.

been catching up with all the dramas on youtube and mobtv. i reckon tmr will be the same because gladyswu rejected my request for a squash session. ): and i had to reject my boss for working because of the department meeting in the evening. ): although he’d understand, it still makes me feel real bad. ):

i so need to exercise……..