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The Big M Party

happy children’s day!

and so the long-awaited party of the year was held last night. the bash was really awesome, so glad to know that tickets was a complete sell-out. company was really great too. kudos to the planning team, crew, attendees and everyone who made the event a success! and i’m glad we didn’t get wasted like how we did last year. (:

we are all mafias~

Never enough

need you now.

seems like we never get tired of graduating. *laughs* anyways, spent the entire Saturday out with a group of council peeps to have our graduation photoshoot. must say we were damn shagged at the end of the day but had great fun nevertheless. thanks nicky for organizing and his friend for taking awesome pictures for us! am still waiting to see all those shots! ((:

drinks and all.

Square hat

a humble dream.

i’m a graduate, like finally and officially.. after a good 8 months wait and 7 months in the workforce, finally received the gigantic piece of paper from RMIT and officially bidding school goodbye. anyways, in a blink of the eye (cliche but never better a way to put it), it’s September! i must say i had a really packed August, weekends all burnt with activities which is not work. how rare!

graduation and long weekends..

Sexy back!

way back into time.

been really quite a while since i last blogged. life’s been pretty good though. had a great party with my MnP lovelies last weekend and we *ahem* got our beloved freshie wasted! *laughs* so much for department love right? oh well, anyways.. i guess i do have to admit i’m already out of that department and that i’m a graduate now. school has started for all of them and hmm.. work life still goes on for me. onto my 6th month now! time seems to fly; i’m trying and kinda starting to love my job. (:

this half a month.


my words may lie,

this has been what i see for more than half the time i’m awake everyday. yes, the computer and the messy desk.. anyways recently, i’ve been such a lazy ass when it comes to updating my blog. motivation came after grabbing a few apparels from winda’s new blogshop and promising to advertise for her (although my blog stats is going down the drain). but i must say some of the stuff there are really pretty! been long since i so willingly spend more than $50 on just one shop. anyways, if you linked straight to my blog and missed my static page, the blogshop is Challures ♥! do support! ((:

some updates.


up and away.

oh my awesomely colourful MnP. group photo taken last Saturday at the internal gathering. not like we’re part of the department still but, me and babe, we are alumni! hahaha. thanks for still having us invited people. (: had the normal rounds of games followed by the usual stuff. i’ve to admit, though, that the department has really gone through a tremendous change of culture, very very different now from when i first stepped in..

just for updates.



made a trip back to school yesterday for event 01. not like i took part in it but had a good time looking at the turn out of the event. thought it was really good, loads of supporters and random students were flocking around the event area. anyways, the overrall winner was The Hungry People, the only council group out of the 14. hahah guess somehow, council people is still the most zai. *laughs*

after school.


a compass is not enough.

finally got my photoshop to work again after clearing a couple of files from my C: drive but at the expense of my iTouch library.. anyways, been back from Taiwan for nearly a week now. however, other than working on Saturday and youth group on Sunday, the only other day i stepped out of house was Friday, to school, for whatever reasons you can think of.. i just have nothing better to do i guess. or hmm.. the best reason i could think of is to distribute the box of taiyangbing i bought for the people. (:

the day out of house.

New moon

like so real.

evans’s prettiest wallpaper ever! *laughs* photobooth on macbook is fun, as always. and i so want to own a macbook. for whatever reason i’ve no idea. probably.. i just like the feel and look of it. but well, it’s all empty talk until i find myself a proper job with a stable pay..

movie date & a free day..

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