happy children’s day!

and so the long-awaited party of the year was held last night. the bash was really awesome, so glad to know that tickets was a complete sell-out. company was really great too. kudos to the planning team, crew, attendees and everyone who made the event a success! and i’m glad we didn’t get wasted like how we did last year. (:

our “door gift” – photo taken with the sponsors backdrop. really nice. anyway, took too many individual shots with people around so i decided to not blog them all. even my facebook album’s gonna look boring if anyone even bothers to go through each and every photo. hahah.

anyways, thanks to kerkie, we had an executive suite over at Grand Copthorne Waterfront to spend the night. saved us the trouble of cabbing back and whatsnot. somehow, it feels like a very MnP room and i think i had a good time laughing at everything. thankyou for the company everyone. i hope i didn’t do anything funny after DDD-ing. (:

maybe it’s time i really grow up and out. i don’t know how i still think i am a student. tell me who in the right mind will take 1.5 days leave just for a party? i think my mind’s still filled with all-fun-and-no-work. am trying hard to improve on that. please kill me if i don’t change by the end of the year. and yes, that reminds me to find out what i need and want. not easy, really.. especially cos i’ve been living my life like this for too long. SIGH!
great to see you.