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desktop is finally back and running fine again! that’s when i get pictures up too. anyways, met up with my lovely DAZ last Wednesday for ladies night at Butter. well, probably the last few sessions for Jul and Sasa babes since they never liked/went. had a good time still, i hope? well, we do need a good meet up again soon for a chat. plan it, anyone? (:

my finally free but sick weekend.

The Big M Party

happy children’s day!

and so the long-awaited party of the year was held last night. the bash was really awesome, so glad to know that tickets was a complete sell-out. company was really great too. kudos to the planning team, crew, attendees and everyone who made the event a success! and i’m glad we didn’t get wasted like how we did last year. (:

we are all mafias~

Never enough

need you now.

seems like we never get tired of graduating. *laughs* anyways, spent the entire Saturday out with a group of council peeps to have our graduation photoshoot. must say we were damn shagged at the end of the day but had great fun nevertheless. thanks nicky for organizing and his friend for taking awesome pictures for us! am still waiting to see all those shots! ((:

drinks and all.

The eventful weekend

so long..

and so we caught Jay Chou’s The Era concert at the indoor stadium on Friday, 23rd July. it was my virgin concert session and i was pretty disappointed that it wasn’t as good and high as i thought a concert should be but overall, it was still good. well, it’s Jay after all! love all the parts where he played the piano, the guitar, and when he changes the lyrics because these are all acts of his talents that i really appreciate. right after that night was the little getaway to Phuket. i swear it was a totally adventurous one and till now, i am still amazed that SO MUCH can actualluy happen to us..

of the eventful, unpredictable amazing holiday..

Sexy back!

way back into time.

been really quite a while since i last blogged. life’s been pretty good though. had a great party with my MnP lovelies last weekend and we *ahem* got our beloved freshie wasted! *laughs* so much for department love right? oh well, anyways.. i guess i do have to admit i’m already out of that department and that i’m a graduate now. school has started for all of them and hmm.. work life still goes on for me. onto my 6th month now! time seems to fly; i’m trying and kinda starting to love my job. (:

this half a month.


up and away.

oh my awesomely colourful MnP. group photo taken last Saturday at the internal gathering. not like we’re part of the department still but, me and babe, we are alumni! hahaha. thanks for still having us invited people. (: had the normal rounds of games followed by the usual stuff. i’ve to admit, though, that the department has really gone through a tremendous change of culture, very very different now from when i first stepped in..

just for updates.


slightly addicted.

20th March 2010
2 – 8pm

it’s dear SATURDAY again and i’m in office packing up stuff for the event later. doubt much people will actually see this in time to join me but if you are, come down and join us at the Game Fiesta @ Cineleisure LATER! there’ll be Band Hero, DJ Hero and Tony Hawk RIDE competition going on. furthermore, there will be a lucky draw going on and all you have to do is FILL UP A FORM! yups, as easy as that, see you there! ((:

in the midst of work.

Long overdue

dont wake me up.

HELLO BLOGGY! can’t believe it’s been like almost half a month since i last updated. photoshop down, busy with work, no time and all.. guess i can think of more reasons and excuses to cover the fact that i’m simply lazy. maybe i kinda lost the passion and motivation to blog. but whatever the case, i’m back again! *laughs* and yup, moving on.. CNY continued on, with a couple of gatherings here and there. the above was taken at evans’s place where i gambled and won money for the 1st time! (:

photos overload.


where would i be?

February always marks a festive season. this year, with Valentine’s day falling on the same day as CNY, it’s like double red and double happiness. no doubt, i actually don’t have much mood to celebrate any of the two occasion at all. probably cos i’ve been pretty caught up with work, the only thing i appreciate is the holidays from it. anyhow, mass-production of cards again for a few people. probably one day, i should try customizing each and every one of it. (:

2nd week of work.

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