so long..

and so we caught Jay Chou’s The Era concert at the indoor stadium on Friday, 23rd July. it was my virgin concert session and i was pretty disappointed that it wasn’t as good and high as i thought a concert should be but overall, it was still good. well, it’s Jay after all! love all the parts where he played the piano, the guitar, and when he changes the lyrics because these are all acts of his talents that i really appreciate. right after that night was the little getaway to Phuket. i swear it was a totally adventurous one and till now, i am still amazed that SO MUCH can actualluy happen to us..

first thing in the morning, we rushed to the airport like how you’d see people do in dramas where they go after their loved ones who seem to be leaving the country for good. *laughs* epic but ya.. we missed our flight. it was a 8.20am flight btw.. and as if it wasn’t dramatic enough, the next available flight was at 8.45pm. so yea, we got onto the empty plane and off we fly to Phuket after a good 12 hours rot at the airport playing cards.

planned our trip impromptu-ly the next morning and we decided to book this tuk-tuk to take us around for ATV, big buddha tour, shopping, sunset and more.. but somehow or rather, we didn’t have the sunset checked. so i guess the only highlight of the day was the ATV?

never knew the ATV could be THAT dangerous until i experienced and see the roads for myself. again, i must say babe was really brave to be able to finish the whole route by herself although she even flew off her vehicle and injured her elbow. cowardy useless me crashed my vehicle before we even hit the muddy roads and had to have the trainer take me on his vehicle instead. well, not much of independent fun but i’m glad i had a “guide” because somehow, i cannot even imagine where i’d end up after that one hour ride if i was alone. weather was bad, road was scary and i am just… too weak. )):

oh yea, maybe the next highlight of the day was the impromptu settling down at one of the bars. looked at the Thai ladies/trans pole-dancing right in front and enjoyed the cheap bottles of beer. idk how but i actually got completely wasted on those. i can almost safely say that’s one of my worst memory failure caused by alcohol because i never had such EMPTY memory before. thankyous ken and buddy for taking care of me though. idk where i’d be without them. hurhur.

the next morning was crazy too. got woken up by the reception saying our bus is here to pick us up for our island tour. yea, fancy thinking 9am is the pick-up time when it’s 7.45am instead. that’s how screwed up we were. hahaha. well, not too bad, we were still on time for that bumpy yacht ride that caused 3 of us to have seasick. first time ever also that i actually encounter such sickness and even had a good puke into a bag. so many 1st time experiences huh.. *laughs*

speaking of that, i felt like an idiot wearing the life jacket while going to snorkel (for the 1st time too) because i was struggling for probably 45 minutes out of the 1 hour we were given. i think i probably only spend a good 5 minutes seeing the fishes under the dirty water and the rest of it was spent taking “swimming lessons” from shirong. felt so guilty for ruining his time which could be better spent snorkeling with enjoyment. i felt so much like a burden. well, i really was one. )):

anyways, the poor guy actually got attacked by a jellyfish which kinda handicapped his right hand and dampened all our moods a little. and that just conveniently added another line to our epic trip with a series of unfortunate events. *big sigh* but thankfully, he’s fine now. erm…. he is, right???

next up… well, this picture doesn’t justify the waves at all but on our way back to Phuket, we had to experience this very bad storm + monsoon which rocked our yacht like it would capsize anytime. it was pretty fun at first as though we were on pirate ships ride in the theme park but trust me.. after awhile, it just became horrifying. so, the captain’s final decision was to U-turn back to Phi Phi Island to spend the night and sail again the next morning. at that point of time, i think we had at least 15 hours to spend. that is.. another night wasted.

well, maybe i shouldn’t use the word wasted since we are out anyway.. just felt a pity to forgo our big comfy beds back at Phuket and had to check ourselves in to this lok-cok lodge with no water heater nor aircon. but ironically, i must say i had the best sleep that night because there wasn’t much there to entertain ourselves with anyways..

just like that, after a good 2-hours sail back to Phuket in the morning, we’ve already arrived at our last day of the holiday. checked out of our comfy hotels soon after washing and packing up. didn’t have much time to really do anything interesting so the girls had our manicure/pedicure sessions while the guys went for massages. well well, guess that pretty much marks the end of our 4d3n 3d3n holiday at Phuket. i’d definitely love to go back there again. but of cos, when it’s not the monsoon season.. need it to be oh-so-sunny again so we can have a tan or just a simple relaxation at the beach. probably, cleaner waters and a braver me to be able to snorkel and at least see the surface of the pretty marine life.

rights, after a long long post on this holiday. my conclusion is.. i wouldn’t deny that i wasn’t happy with how the trip began. but i also wouldn’t say i didn’t enjoy it. guess it’s just a mixture of events and way too many issues all jumbled together to make this whole description sound whiny. well, was having mixed feelings to being with anyways. tried my best to curb whatever negative feelings that came along and at least this time, most of the time, i think my laughter was genuine. in any ANY case, thankyou people for the company. sad to say though, photos taken was really really minimal. hahah..

i thought i brought myself back to reality,
then, i realised lost track of my decisions..