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Back to reality

happy 25th monthsary!

back from a surprise birthday trip for baby in Perth. spent a good 13 days rotting around, basically doing nothing. it feels good somehow, to be able to unwind myself like that, with nothing (solid) to worry about. wished i could just stay there forever. it was pretty much a eat, sleep, watch movie trip, with the first two occupying most of my time.

back to job hunting now, that’s the most stressful part of my life now, like literally…

woes of an unemployed.


nearby paradise.

it’s been a long while since we traveled as a family. well, though this trip wasn’t exactly a family trip, we get to have moments like this, just 4 of us, which is good enough. Montigo is really beautiful, you really get to see another side of Batam and views that make you doubt if you’re really so near from home..

3 villas for 12 of us.


15 hours lag.

4th day in the States and still can’t believe i’m finally here. feels weird to be on a time zone so far away from home. surprisingly, i haven’t experience any jetlag. i probably wake up earlier than i usually do but other than that, all’s good. WBIE Pre-3 Licensee Conference checked, WB VIP Studio Tour checked, quite a bit of shopping checked too. gonna have 3 days of E3 Convention to attend and more places to visit and i’ll be heading home already. anyway, really love the weather here. how i wished we have such cooling weather in Singapore…

retail therapy overload.

Pretty bali

weekend getaway.

back from a short 3D2N trip to Bali with boyf. the objective of our entire trip was to chill and relax thus, we didn’t bother to book any tour packages or participate in any water sports. i’d love to visit this beautiful place again, probably to go temple visiting or even try out water rafting and parasailing with a bigger group of friends.

for this trip..

A week back

out of town.

spent birthday with loverboy this year. no extravagant celebrations, just a simple day out. well, the whole week was like a birthday treat anyways. Christmas was boring though, given the fact that Perth was like a dead town. still, thankful for the chance to be there, seeing boyf after a good 4 months.

thank you love for everything. for being my chauffeur, my photographer, my sugar daddy, my atm machine, my trash bag, my man… oh, i also appreciate all the texts, facebook and twitter (though not a lot) birthday wishes from friends who remembered. warms my heart! (:



and officially.

finally the countdown is ending. cleared (most of) my work and i’m gonna put everything else undone aside. parents are finally home after a week and it’s my turn to fly tomorrow. i wonder if i’ll be afraid to take the plane alone because it wasn’t until Saturday night that i realised i AM actually afraid to be home alone. still can’t believe i cried myself to sleep that night. that aside, very much looking forward to finally spend some time with my beau after 4 months…



counting my blessings.

so yes, with the flight confirmation, I AM GOING TO PERTH AGAIN! one, to find my boy. two, to spend birthday with my boy. three, to celebrate Christmas with my boy. four, for a good getaway with my boy. five… oh, repeated that too much. but yes, i am VERY excited to meet my boy sooner than expected. countdown just went from 56 to 32. something to look forward to this holiday.. this is gonna be the best birthday present ever. *smiles

thank you.

Short getaway


spent a short but great weekend with boyf and his family over at Tanjung Pinang. not too bad for my virgin trip there but it’s quite a pity we didn’t get to do any sea sports due to the gloomy skies and short duration by the beach. would love to visit the resorts & touristy parts of Bintan the next time though. i’m sure we’ll get to enjoy the sand and sun then…


Land of smiles


hello Singapore! am back from the stressful leg-breaking trip to BKK with the girls. although it was a fairly short holiday, i swear we totally maxed out the 4 days, be it physically, financially or mentally. okay, maybe not so much of the last. anyways, took my 2nd SIA flight, experienced the red shirt rally live in BKK, visited my company’s Thailand office, bargained my way to a few good prices, shopped till i dropped and went totally broke. in any case, enjoyed the whole time spent with the girls; thanks gege for bringing and “forcing” us around. legs-breaking but pretty fruitful! well, i guess the next holiday, i’m going to need a relaxing trip…. *winks

tried so hard.

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