spent a short but great weekend with boyf and his family over at Tanjung Pinang. not too bad for my virgin trip there but it’s quite a pity we didn’t get to do any sea sports due to the gloomy skies and short duration by the beach. would love to visit the resorts & touristy parts of Bintan the next time though. i’m sure we’ll get to enjoy the sand and sun then…

spent the afternoon rotting away with a lousy karaoke session followed by a good 2-hour spa which is pretty much the best thing to do at such a place. then we spent a bomb having our own mini-national-day-alike fireworks session before feasting on a sinful meal which, in Singapore time, seems like a supper.

the following day seems to zoom past. the only activity i guess worth remembering is the one-hour foot massage where i kinda whined in pain. it’s actually not that bad, probably just my low tolerance for pain.

had a 2-day MC following the trip and the best way to spend it was with this sweetie pie. been whining to boyf how much i missed her for a week. i can re-watch the videos i took of her again and again and still smile to myself cos she’s just too cute. anyway, back to reality, i kinda hope next Sunday never comes…

of choices.