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Farewell Granny

Granny’s demise came so shortly after my little loss and it pains me so so much..

Never ready..



because my one and only sister is finally married (like traditionally). well, legally, they’ve tied the knots since almost 2 years ago. but it’s different seeing daddy walking her down the aisle and seeing her in the pretty white gown and all. CONGRATS MY PRETTIEST JIE, 要幸福久久哦~ ❤


So much tears behind this bottle of perfume le fiancé bought for me 2 years ago; tears of anger, tears of sadness, tears of happy surprise and then tears of guilt. Can’t remember the last time I cried this much..
and it’s all because..


as my title goes, presenting to you my two sureties! thank you daddy and sissy for taking off from work to accompany me for my contract signing! with time to spare after our VERY expensive lunch, we’re glad that we found URA and their City Gallery (thanks to Jul’s recommendation)!

tourists for an hour..

Happy birthday, dad!


so the only man at home has turned a year older – not like it’s gonna make his hair any whiter (than it already is) but yea, it’s a happy age more for me cos I can FINALLY waive my poly school fees loan repayment from CPF! *evil laughs*

celebration for the old man.

spent some time with the kids yesterday while waiting for dinner. was quite sleepy but as much as I’d rather be home sleeping, I actually enjoyed watching them have some play time at the lobby due to the rainy weather. kinda envy these kids at that age where their only worry is probably how to get out of trouble for being naughty. there isn’t any hard cold truths or dirty scheming people to face. life was so much simpler….


nearby paradise.

it’s been a long while since we traveled as a family. well, though this trip wasn’t exactly a family trip, we get to have moments like this, just 4 of us, which is good enough. Montigo is really beautiful, you really get to see another side of Batam and views that make you doubt if you’re really so near from home..

3 villas for 12 of us.



seeing boyf off has never been harder; i’ve always been strong to not cry every single time but yesterday, i kinda just lost it all. i probably started crying since a couple of days back and was totally weeping my hearts out on Saturday night. somehow i cried myself to sleep again last night after dinner cos even my parents went out of town at the same time. it’s like i suddenly feel more than just lonely; am quite lost too considering i’ve been seeing boyf everyday for the past 7 weeks. think i’m getting weaker with every reunion & separation. probably takes some time to adjust my mood back. i just wish for him to be back for good, sooner…..

till next year..

Short getaway


spent a short but great weekend with boyf and his family over at Tanjung Pinang. not too bad for my virgin trip there but it’s quite a pity we didn’t get to do any sea sports due to the gloomy skies and short duration by the beach. would love to visit the resorts & touristy parts of Bintan the next time though. i’m sure we’ll get to enjoy the sand and sun then…


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