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happy birthday Singapore!

thanks to Singapore turning 45 on a Monday, we had a great long weekend away from work. look look! even my drink is patriotic eh? had this great glass of strawberry milkshake at Cheeky Chocolate @ iluma today, treat from sissy. of all the yummy delicacies and endless shopping, i must say i’m a very satisfied girl today. other than being the chauffeur for the day, nothing was to my disadvantage. pretty tired out though. i probably should have an early night after my jog later on to prep myself for work again tomorrow..

of the long weekend..

Of longevity

the tears you don’t see,

had two birthday celebrations in a row yesterday and boy, there were like huge loads of food. same catering for both, familiar locations too. like of cos, granny’s was at home and claudia’s was at where i previously held my 21st. both was awesome and i had a good time catching up with my couzs and friends. (:

the birthdays & gathering.

Fragile life

rest in peace.

and mugging continues, at my same favourite spot. been online a little lesser because i made a very rational decision of not bringing the laptop along since typing of notes is more or less done. not like there’s a tremendous increase in productivity but at least, there isn’t so much to distract myself. the weekend has been a little too much to take but right now, i just hope nothing affects my studies.

and we go…

The 3rd SEVEN

choices; am moving on..

yesterday was the third SEVEN of grandma’s departure. we went down to tian jue to pay our respects. i really like the serenity of the place. it’s like a 7-stars hotel for the departed and OF COURSE, i’m going to get myself one of those squares there too. in any case, i will need it in time to come.. *laughs*

the rest of my weekend so far..


a photo i managed to find; taken on cousin’s 21st birthday in 2006.
grandma is in purple. (:

been down at the wake for the past couple of nights; keeping grandma company for the last possible time. tmr later will be the day where the beautiful shell of her soul will be transformed into ashes for us to keep. can we smile and bid goodbye?

just some long thoughts.

Sudden goodbye

a party night.
crazy fun.
bad hangover.
shocking sms.
a tearful morning.
solemn expressions.
familiar faces.
the exact same location.
a different atmosphere.
an unbearable scene.
a twist of emotions.
i need more than just some sleep.

goodbye grandma; we love you.

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