the tears you don’t see,

had two birthday celebrations in a row yesterday and boy, there were like huge loads of food. same catering for both, familiar locations too. like of cos, granny’s was at home and claudia’s was at where i previously held my 21st. both was awesome and i had a good time catching up with my couzs and friends. (:

with granny. 83 this year, been staying with us for.. as long as i am alive. (:

the food this time round.

with my lovely cousins and cutesy nephew.

and of cos not forgetting, my beloved family. (:

drove down to claudia’s after that. am really amazed by how bossy could completely turn the place into something so different. they even got the table that was stuck in the middle of nowhere unscrewed! damn awesome. (:

Ev*lution dears and the birthday girl. (:

honestly speaking, her treatment by the Ev*lutioners was so so so much better compared to mine. at least i didn’t take revenge of her putting toothpaste on my entire arm. but anyways, great party my dear, happy 21st to you! (:

was out with gladys after lunching tgt with fion on Friday. went around shopping a little but i kinda spent more time talking to her than really looking at clothes for CNY. as usual huh.. *laughs* headed over to 3rd home for dinner and bossy was damn funny. because i insisted to pay for my meal, he actually entered $1 into the register. for a plate of spaghetti. tell me, where do you find such cheap deals? hahaha.

next was to MINDS Cafe at Purvis Street to meet my primary school mates. didn’t know there was one outlet so near to Roma’s. it’s actually a pretty good place to chill. but somehow, i prefer De Coders Cafe because it’s much much much quieter.

although only a small group of us turned up, we had fun. and definitely, it’s always interesting when we talk back about those long-forgotten days back in Bukit View and how we remember one another by our “houses” (P.E. T-shirt colours). more gatherings with more people to come, i hope? (:

i’ve got them hidden up well.