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Happy birthday, dad!


so the only man at home has turned a year older – not like it’s gonna make his hair any whiter (than it already is) but yea, it’s a happy age more for me cos I can FINALLY waive my poly school fees loan repayment from CPF! *evil laughs*

celebration for the old man.

A week back

out of town.

spent birthday with loverboy this year. no extravagant celebrations, just a simple day out. well, the whole week was like a birthday treat anyways. Christmas was boring though, given the fact that Perth was like a dead town. still, thankful for the chance to be there, seeing boyf after a good 4 months.

thank you love for everything. for being my chauffeur, my photographer, my sugar daddy, my atm machine, my trash bag, my man… oh, i also appreciate all the texts, facebook and twitter (though not a lot) birthday wishes from friends who remembered. warms my heart! (:


2 weeks later

happy 22nd wuwu!

exactly 2 weeks after xumige’s birthday comes wushuyi’s. and for a cake-nonlover like her, we settled for ice cream instead. dinner was at Marche where i had my favourite dosage of rosti and crepes. celebration wasn’t anything fanciful but nothing beats having it simple, with the loveliest clique. hopefully we made wuwu a happy girl.

start of the week..


another endless pit.

as i’d always label September as a suckmywalletdry month, had a couple of birthday celebrations in a week. more to come of cos and the best thing is, all of them are of my closest friends and family. just a couple of photos to share. i guess facebook and twitter already did most of the “publicity” for me. still, though, i don’t wanna give up on my blog. (:

reyna’s, fion’s, sissy’s..


good old days.

it was ting’s birthday and DAZ finally met up again. somehow, it seems like we need special occasions to have a meet-up but no, it shouldn’t and will not be that case.. i know i’m probably the one with the least right to say this cos i’m always the one who cannot make it but… i really hope our “promise” of sustaining our MONTHLY meetups still stands. anyways, happy 22nd darling!

bringing Thursday to Friday..

Never enough

need you now.

seems like we never get tired of graduating. *laughs* anyways, spent the entire Saturday out with a group of council peeps to have our graduation photoshoot. must say we were damn shagged at the end of the day but had great fun nevertheless. thanks nicky for organizing and his friend for taking awesome pictures for us! am still waiting to see all those shots! ((:

drinks and all.

Packed weekends

life as a whole.

back from one weekend had the poor flower lose the energy to live. however, giving it water revived it again shortly. i wonder if that would apply for human beings as well. packing my weekends without work with activities. i guess these can be the “water” to revive me. so tired of being exhausted from all the workload, shitholes and rubbish thoughts. i think i can be a better person. *smiles* did i mention i’ve red stripes of hair now? not exactly loving it but it gives me some courage for a change. heading for initiation later to mark this weekend. as for the last, here’s a few pictures! (:

weekends away.

Start of August

nothing without you.

how time flies and it’s already August. so, the patriotic month started off with our dear 头 and 日’s birthday. treated them to an awesome dinner at the Jap restaurant as a combined celebration for the 23rd and the 21st. (:

the simple feast.


slightly addicted.

20th March 2010
2 – 8pm

it’s dear SATURDAY again and i’m in office packing up stuff for the event later. doubt much people will actually see this in time to join me but if you are, come down and join us at the Game Fiesta @ Cineleisure LATER! there’ll be Band Hero, DJ Hero and Tony Hawk RIDE competition going on. furthermore, there will be a lucky draw going on and all you have to do is FILL UP A FORM! yups, as easy as that, see you there! ((:

in the midst of work.

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