need you now.

seems like we never get tired of graduating. *laughs* anyways, spent the entire Saturday out with a group of council peeps to have our graduation photoshoot. must say we were damn shagged at the end of the day but had great fun nevertheless. thanks nicky for organizing and his friend for taking awesome pictures for us! am still waiting to see all those shots! ((:

kerkie had his pre-birthday bash at Butterfact the same night and of cos, we had to show up! haha. i had Ranger as my excuse for not getting wasted and although i missed out a lot of fun because of that, am still glad i had him. cos as usual, this crazy bro of mine buys alcohol like he owns the whole place. hahah. oh well, as long as everyone had fun, no harm! ((:

then on his actual day, which was yesterday, we headed down to Timbre for some more drinks. of a deadly combi for him – wine + beer – it’s no surprise how well he got to sleep that night. hahah.

got him a cake from TCC and i’ve to say SORRY to babe again for forgetting she doesn’t eat strawberries. guess i really am that insensitive even to ppl around me. HAH. anyways, happy 26th bro! i hope you enjoyed your birthday..

i’d rather hurt than feel nothing at all..