a humble dream.

i’m a graduate, like finally and officially.. after a good 8 months wait and 7 months in the workforce, finally received the gigantic piece of paper from RMIT and officially bidding school goodbye. anyways, in a blink of the eye (cliche but never better a way to put it), it’s September! i must say i had a really packed August, weekends all burnt with activities which is not work. how rare!

and yea, as mentioned in my previous entry, initiation! going back as an “old bird” for the 2nd time, the only thing i can say is… the games are getting more sick each time. *laughs* still, i’m sure everyone had fun. and i’m glad to have known all the AWESOME freshies from the AWESOME MnP department. definitely, i hope they stay throughout their entire uni life like how we did.. ((:

and a family photo taken at graduation with all my gifts.. thankyou daddy for being my photographer, mummy for coming & the grad pig, sissy for taking leave to come down + the dinner & move treat, shermian couz for being my PA, epic guys for the flowers & grad bear, canni & flora for the sunflower, and everyone else who took an effort to come take a picture with me! all photos are up on facebook! ((:

called in sick the following day after an exhausting late night jog and well, had a chance to be down in school for the BBMFT graduation as well. so glad i manage to take photos with the many other fellow councilors. was so envious there are so many of them in the ceremony together. so many more photos of them, also on facebook!

happy graduation everyone!!

oh btw, caught the movie with sissy & buddy after dinner on grad day and i swear it’s almost the best 3d movie i ever caught. well, if you know me, i never really liked 3d movies but this is totally an exception! or maybe, 3d technology has improved to a point where it’s really that good now. double thumbs up for the dance moves and effects! ((:

looking at all the great dance moves really wow me! so much that it makes me ponder over what passion i actually have and what i want to achieve in life. as usual, i realised this part of my life is always empty. i never knew and still haven’t figured what i want in life. but at least, now i’m trying to work on one very humble yet pretty hard to achieve dream. hard for me that is.. my closer friends would know what i’m up to but nah, i don’t feel like “advertising” it here.

then again, it’s nothing great.. just something i’ve always wanted to do. just that.. it’s only been 3 days and i feel like giving up already. maybe, just maybe, some people are not born for it. just keeping my fingers crossed that passion can keep me going. anyway, burning my nights working on it leaves me no spare time for other useless thoughts. which is, of cos, very very good. gotta keep it that way.. i wanna live my life. *smiles

you don’t have to come clean because it’s dirtily obvious already.