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so I took a day off work on the yester to run some errands. in the midst of doing so, we randomly decided to (finally) try out the Gold Class at Golden Village. to be honest, I am never particular about watching movie in comfort. people who knows me would know that I can be easily satisfied watching downloaded shows at the comfort of my own home. but well, I suppose this 3-hour long show (The Wolf on Wall Street) made it a little more worth spending the money. what’s more, it was in the middle of the day and we were the only ones in the entire cinema..

anyhow, having checked the different luxurious cinemas of the 3 big theaters in Singapore off my to-try list, I’d like to share my thoughts on them.

summary of experiences.

The dark knight rises


caught The Dark Knight Rises with a couple others last night. have been looking forward to it since i booked the tickets few weeks back. i must say, given its size, i was surprised the JCube’s IMAX theatre provided a better IMAX experience than the one at Lido. well, probably also because we had the best available seats, it totally felt like being in a personal home theatre with loads of leg space and a gigantic screen right in front of your eyes.

superheroes and back-watching.

The lucky one (film)


waited two months for this film ever since i finished the novel and i have to say i’m actually pretty disappointed. i guess it’s just the book that’s too good.. after all, it’s usually not easy to tell the whole detailed story within like a 100 minutes of film. i think i was pinpointing all the parts that was different from the book throughout the show; no wonder they said it’s always not advised to read a novel before watching the movie that’s based on it. in any case, i’ve the PDF version of the book if any of you wants to read. let me know! (:

PS: i’m not a fan of him but Zac Efron was really very charming! 

The vow

love more.

caught the movie with the girls a couple days back. reviews are subjective, as usual. i actually saw more negative than positive ones but nonetheless, i enjoyed the show.. at the very least, i think the two stars portrayed the entire emotions really well. based on true events, it’s quite a beautiful story considering that the forgotten memories never came back but she still fell in love with him again eventually. oh btw, Channing Tatum is cute! i actually didn’t remembered him from Dear John until i wiki-ed him. *laughs

Life’s all about moments of impact, and how they change our lives forever..

living within the warmth of your heart.

The lucky one

power of fate.

finally done with this! it’s been a long time since my last read. and as usual, it’s the making of the movie that draws me towards the book.. rights to the film have been sold to Warner Bros. and the movie is due for release this coming April! well, though the film version is usually quite a disappointment, i’m still very positive about watching it..

the movie..


a tangled tale.

just finished watching the show that has been in my laptop for a couple of months. and as any other fairytale goes, the ending is always as sweet as ever. and yes, although you know it’s unrealistic, sometimes you just can’t help but fantasize about your own happily ever after. and then maybe, you just gotta pray hard that the ever will not become a never.. (:



or simply beware..

it was the dearest birthday yesterday. as much as we planned to hit some clubs for a little free drinks, music and party, we ended up going for a simple dinner and movie at the grandest Grand Cathay. i don’t know what make us decided on this show but i kinda really wanted to catch it. a pretty mind-blowing show, really made me go “who the hell is the damn werewolf!?”. i wouldn’t say it was awesome but quite worth a catch. i like how they incorporate parts of the childhood fairytale inside.. total hearts.

almost forgotten.



desktop is finally back and running fine again! that’s when i get pictures up too. anyways, met up with my lovely DAZ last Wednesday for ladies night at Butter. well, probably the last few sessions for Jul and Sasa babes since they never liked/went. had a good time still, i hope? well, we do need a good meet up again soon for a chat. plan it, anyone? (:

my finally free but sick weekend.

Square hat

a humble dream.

i’m a graduate, like finally and officially.. after a good 8 months wait and 7 months in the workforce, finally received the gigantic piece of paper from RMIT and officially bidding school goodbye. anyways, in a blink of the eye (cliche but never better a way to put it), it’s September! i must say i had a really packed August, weekends all burnt with activities which is not work. how rare!

graduation and long weekends..

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