desktop is finally back and running fine again! that’s when i get pictures up too. anyways, met up with my lovely DAZ last Wednesday for ladies night at Butter. well, probably the last few sessions for Jul and Sasa babes since they never liked/went. had a good time still, i hope? well, we do need a good meet up again soon for a chat. plan it, anyone? (:

caught The Social Network with BBF and kzhang yesterday and i’m still pretty amazed at how Facebook came about. guess everyone’s pointing at Mark Zuckerberg & condemning him for being such an asshole but i must say he’s really a talent. feel like reading more in-dept by borrowing the book from buddy when he’s done. cos somehow, i kinda zoned out during the show, all thanks to my body failing on me. honestly, it’s so anal. it’s like i’m finally am free on a weekend with no work and all but the bad bugs have to come to me. couldn’t even enjoy myself at all cos all i felt was “i can’t hear properly, i can’t think properly, i can’t concentrate and i so wanna faint”.

anyways, i spent the entire morning trying to clear the mucus which i can feel choking up my entire respiratory system. force-blowing them out kinda made me giddy from the lack of oxygen. it’s a really crappy feeling. well, as much as i love falling sick but always never did, this is so isn’t the right time. i need to find a place to shop for farewell gifts for my TLC ladies. but i’m just too nua to get out of house. not helping that my eyes are still so heavy..

then also, am thinking if i should head to Mediacorp to give our dear jin hao live support or just do it from my TV screen. well, whatever the case, all the best my dear friend! we’ll be anticipating your performance tonight and of cos, root for you! 加油晋豪! (:

still no courage.