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11 years and counting..

it’s been almost 10 months since we last saw our dear girl. it’s funny how we’ve been discussing so much about video-calling but have never once sat down to do it. anyhow, we finally did it! of cos, 2 hours of Skype ain’t enough to catch up the happenings for months but at least, it’s good to finally see and hear from her again. please come back soon dear.. and all the best for your dissertation for now! (:

PS: there are always good friendships and bad ones. i hate making enemies but sometimes, you just need to accept that some people just doesn’t appreciate you in any way so there’s no point trying to keep it. you deserve what you deserve.
treat others the way you’d like to be treated.


gadgets mad.

we had a very high-tech DAZ meet up today. jul wasn’t able to make it and we made use of Facetime! it is damn awesome, on both MacBook and iPhone4. you really should try it out! oh and did i mention my MBP now has a name? well, for the records, i’m not trying to act cute; just like to name my things. anyway, it’s called Kooby! why? simply put, the name originated from the spelt-backwards “Book” plus a y. *smiles* and and and.. am loving it more each day, even don’t mind carrying the heavily-weighed 2kg giant around.

fallen in love..



desktop is finally back and running fine again! that’s when i get pictures up too. anyways, met up with my lovely DAZ last Wednesday for ladies night at Butter. well, probably the last few sessions for Jul and Sasa babes since they never liked/went. had a good time still, i hope? well, we do need a good meet up again soon for a chat. plan it, anyone? (:

my finally free but sick weekend.


good old days.

it was ting’s birthday and DAZ finally met up again. somehow, it seems like we need special occasions to have a meet-up but no, it shouldn’t and will not be that case.. i know i’m probably the one with the least right to say this cos i’m always the one who cannot make it but… i really hope our “promise” of sustaining our MONTHLY meetups still stands. anyways, happy 22nd darling!

bringing Thursday to Friday..

Oh my DAZ


i thought 7 months was long enough for us to not see one another. but i realised it’s been more than a year since we last had a proper, decent meet-up. can you imagine? not counting the pathetic amount of time spent together on my birthday (because i had to entertain other guests), the last time we actually went out was like June last year? to think we used to have a monthly meet-up.. we probably have been busy with our own lives and all but it’s time we really find time to spend more time together. not forgetting our photoshoot date next year. i hope you girls haven’t forgotten eh?

till we meet again…

PD: Lost in time

be alone.

exams have been over for more than a week now. thought it was quite time for me to find a job since i SHOULD most probably be able to graduate but well, guess i’ll just get busy with my stuff and enjoy a little of holidays first before permanently stepping into society. on a side note, the blog feels pretty abandoned and i shall squeeze some time for some updates.. (:

into half of November..

Like kids

cannot fathom.

had a soup bun as part of my lunch on Tuesday. after working at Roma’s for almost 3 years, i think this is my first time trying it out. honestly, the taste is superb! but it really makes you quite full. at only $5.50, it’s value for money. *laughs* sales was pretty alright that day. not very hectic but there was constant crowd to keep the cash flowing in. (:

more to it..

Science centre with DAZ


so yup, about the Science Centre trip with DAZ last Wednesday, finally some time to post some pictures about it. *laughs* i think this is the best group photo we took outside our destination. or rather, the only one. the only thing i don’t like about it is the date stamp on sasa’s head. just gave us away that we took the photo upside down huh..

the day science amazed us again.

Of Log & DAZ

dreams vs reality.

it’s the GSS season, don’t all these just look like shopping bags? *laughs* of course not, they are too tiny to be and i shall proudly name them the hard work of the logistics team today. hahah. i think we spent about 4 hours discussing, finalizing, and getting down to do them so hopefully, these get approved so that our hard work will pay off. (:

DAZ June’s meetup after Logs meeting.

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