so yup, about the Science Centre trip with DAZ last Wednesday, finally some time to post some pictures about it. *laughs* i think this is the best group photo we took outside our destination. or rather, the only one. the only thing i don’t like about it is the date stamp on sasa’s head. just gave us away that we took the photo upside down huh..

with the bestest bestie. finally got my butterfly necklace back from her. heh.

i forgot the exact name for this thingy but i think it was cute.

head on the fruits platter.

the place ting and sasa acted like overgrown kids. this was supposed to be the photo for the matured but the little girl on the right had to sneak into the photo. oh well…

SMS-ed the message to have it shown on the display screen! heh. was supposed to take a group picture with it as the background but somehow, couldn’t get a perfect shot. anyhows, photoshop still does the work..

wanted to do up an artistic drawing but argh, the touch-screen ain’t sensitive anymores.

and i super like this photo. thankyous jul! (:

another group picture.

look at those smudges. i’m glad mine was pretty intact. heh.

and i’ve no idea why all of us had to bend down! LOL.

one of my favourite spots. the triangular thingy that we squeezed into. too bad it could only occupy 3 of us at any one time. guess we were too giant. hahah. but i like the reflections of reflections in the reflections. pretty. (:

the gigantic nose that breathed me in!

a postcard that couldn’t be displayed on the screen because the place was closing. ):

princess series instax shots at the end of the day. *beams*