happy birthday benjamin!

well, i wished i had time to update about the amazing science centre trip with DAZ but i’d be busy for the following 3 days. yup, as many already know, i’m working at the PC show as like other hundreds or thousands of people. it’s my first time working at such fair and after one day, i can conclude that i’m not a good sales person. or rather, i’m just really bad at it you can say i suck! *laughs* i almost died standing for hours and having zero sales. hahah. well, 3 more days to endure and hopefully i can have more luck.

in any case, i know this ain’t going to be of much help but anyone who wants to get a Lenovo Thinkpad or msi, please do look for me @ level 4 – booth A1931. we are not at Lenovo but somewhere near. diagonally across the big main Lenovo booth, beside Acer, just in front of Courts. (:

the models we are selling includes:

  • ThinkPad X61s (limited sets)
  • ThinkPad SL300
  • ThinkPad R400
  • ThinkPadT61
  • ThinkPad X200
  • ThinkPad T400
  • ThinkPad X300
  • msi  Wind U100 net book
  • msi VR430
  • msi EX400

on a side note, i signed up for TweetSG so as and when, i’d update my twitter by sms. i think this really rocks because most importantly, it’s free! hahah. if only the replies are sms-ed to us as well, it’d be perfect. but then again, not many people reply to my twits. i just like updating it, wherever i am, at any moment. heh. (:

never been more exhausted.