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End of bond

2 years passed.

9 Feb is such a beautiful date because today marks the end of the training bond which means, I’m free to leave anytime! well, not like I’m planning to do that but it’s good to know there’s nothing to tie you down if there’s a need. can’t say “happy 2nd anniversary” to IB since I’ve been posted out about half a year ago. just have to say, hang on my other half (and other fellow squad mates), next posting coming soon! šŸ’Ŗ


that’s probably the one word we’ve said and repeated a million times throughout the last 3 weeks. by far, this has got to be the longest I’ve been away from home and without any communication devices at all. definitely a milestone in my life – trekking over 130km in 14Ā days, hitting the highest point at 3,210m a.b.sea, stepping on all kinds of shit along the way. it’s been a real fruitful journey and I thank the organisation for sending me on thisĀ “mission” that I’d never have sign myself up for otherwise. being back to basics, seeing this beautiful country and at the same time, having the luxury to appreciateĀ life in it’s simplest form.Ā I must admit this has been one of the greatest 19 days of my lifeĀ andĀ a truly remarkable, eye-opening adventure.

Halfway there

been a really long while.. we’ve officially just crossed the halfway mark of our 36-weeks course. week 18 has just ended, in a blink of an eye. it was still like end of week 2 or 3 in my previous post. really soon, in less than a month’s time, we’ll be starting on our local leadership followed by theĀ overseas one to Nepal. 131 days to graduation and the real working world. it’s a love-hate relationship though, i don’t know whether to look forward to the end of training or just enjoy the moment as it is..



on the yester was the eve of CNY eve, also my last day of work. had my first red packet of the year from Johnny to mark the end of my 7.5 years journey with Roma’s Deli. ending this chapter of my life and starting a new one soon (hopefully). though still unsure what life will bring me in the new chapter, guess it’s still time to flip the page, and move on. looking forward to new adventures ahead but before that, gotta let loose and enjoy the lunar new year to the fullest! welcoming the new (horse) year with open arms, please be good to me! :*)


this has become like my usual spot everyday: standing on the wood-like floor working with the multiple microwaves, toasters to serve yummy baked specialties and pizzas. even at times (like now) when the shop is completely empty, I’ll be sitting up here on the tabletop people watching. other than when having lunch, I’m pretty much stuck here. on a side note, it’s an exhausting 11-hour work day everyday but I’m so used to this place that I kinda enjoy my hours here most of the time. still, I’m hoping/waiting for my real job to come. afterall, I can’t just hide out here forever, can I? ):


still pinning hopes.

attended the WSQ Follow Food & Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures course on the yester. though my Statement of Attainment will only arrive in December, at least I’m finally licensed to prepare food under the NEA policies.

a 7-hour course.


15 hours lag.

4th day in the States and still can’t believe i’m finally here. feels weird to be on a time zone so far away from home. surprisingly, i haven’t experience any jetlag. i probably wake up earlier than i usually do but other than that, all’s good. WBIE Pre-3 Licensee Conference checked, WB VIP Studio Tour checked, quite a bit of shopping checked too. gonna have 3 days of E3 Convention to attend and more places to visit and i’ll be heading home already. anyway, really love the weather here. how i wished we have such cooling weather in Singapore…

retail therapy overload.

All packed

and ready to go..

we’re relocating again! work-related stuffs probably went from 6-7 boxes (when moving here) to just 2 boxes (to move over). another box that was packed out is filled with personal belongings i’ve brought to office and gifts accumulated over the years. seems like 3 years at this new place zoomed past just like that..

mixed feelings.


6 more days.

it’s been a long long month.. have been feeling under the weather ever since the previous fever hit me and it’s like i’ve never fully recovered.. headaches are coming on & off so frequently that i’m almost immuned to the pain already. worse still, my eyes keep playing the “blur vision” game with me.

as May comes to an end…

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