6 more days.

it’s been a long long month.. have been feeling under the weather ever since the previous fever hit me and it’s like i’ve never fully recovered.. headaches are coming on & off so frequently that i’m almost immuned to the pain already. worse still, my eyes keep playing the “blur vision” game with me.

as much as i am looking forward to the U.S. trip, i’m also dreading it at the same time.. hmm, at least i’m finally done with the awful reports. too many things have been going on in the office, i’d say it has been eventful (not in a good way). somehow the thought of being gone a good 2.5 weeks is making me uncomfortable. honestly, i can’t be sure what i’ll be coming back to. other than definitely a new place, since we’re relocating, nothing else is sure for now. maybe an emptier office? hurhur. all the unknowns are so demoralizing. but eventually, it won’t matter anymore.

looking forward to coming home from the States because that’s when my beau is coming home too. then looking forward to the little getaways with family and friends. but after that, i don’t know what to expect anymore.

oh well. at least if my (bad) prayers do come true, i guess the best thing that can happen is flying myself out of Singapore for a good holiday. spending sillyboy’s birthday with him in Perth sounds pretty good to me.. and yes, tempting…..

anyway, i still believe everything happens for a reason and a new path will open up whenever the road ends. so for now, i shall just go wherever the wind takes me to. gotta start packing for the States soon; pack my clothes and most importantly, pack my feelings too..

come what may..