been awhile.

people who knows me knows that i’m one who seldom fall sick and would recover within a day or two if i ever did. somehow my body seems to want to prove everyone wrong this time round. and best of all, it has to happen on the eve of a PH and worsen on the day of PH. was burning so badly yesterday i was afraid i might get my brains burnt out so i dragged myself to the doc’s for some meds and MC for another day of rest. so i’m “enjoying” my first MC of the year which kinda cost me a bomb. damn the PH surcharge seriously; it made up a third of my entire medical fees which i could watch a weekend IMAX 3D movie with…

oh well, at least i get to sleep all i want. just done checking, replying and sending work emails; gonna fall back to sleep soon. good night all!

counting down.