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A year of inactiveness

it’s not something new that I’ve left this space untouched for a long time but I just realised it’s been close to a year. I can’t say there’s nothing worth penning down because there is SO much or rather TOO much that has happened over 2016. maybe I should at least pen down my wedding planning journey so that one day, I can read back and judge how much a bridezilla I’ve been. maybe.. just maybe….. :’D

Record high

it’s merely the 2nd month of the new year and i’ve consumed 4 days of my medical leave. been feeling quite under the weather recently which makes me wonder what have happened to my ever-strong immunity system. not a record that i was proud to break though. hopefully the antibiotics this time round can keep me healthy for the rest of the year. CNY’s over in a flash… 2016, please be good. (:


been awhile.

people who knows me knows that i’m one who seldom fall sick and would recover within a day or two if i ever did. somehow my body seems to want to prove everyone wrong this time round. and best of all, it has to happen on the eve of a PH and worsen on the day of PH. was burning so badly yesterday i was afraid i might get my brains burnt out so i dragged myself to the doc’s for some meds and MC for another day of rest. so i’m “enjoying” my first MC of the year which kinda cost me a bomb. damn the PH surcharge seriously; it made up a third of my entire medical fees which i could watch a weekend IMAX 3D movie with…

oh well, at least i get to sleep all i want. just done checking, replying and sending work emails; gonna fall back to sleep soon. good night all!

counting down.


think happy thoughts.

since we’re like miles apart, the only thing i could do at the perfect 11.11.11 11:11 and 12.12.12 12:12 moments was to screenshot my home screen. well, i know it’s dumb to keep track of that cos every other minute and second is unique in it’s own way which yes, also occurs only once in a lifetime. still, you can’t deny they are a set of nice pretty numbers to see, right? anyway, this should be the last of the “perfect moments” since there wouldn’t be a 13.13.13. so here, just enjoy this “overrated” day while we can.. ❤

holiday mood…

It’s D month

season of joy.

Christmas tree in the office has been up for nearly a month now. and once again, snow is “falling” on this blog as well. i’ve always loved December. loving it even more this year with so many things to look forward to.. and it’s exactly 2 more weeks till my short little break to Down Under. i’m feeling butterflies in my stomach already…

completed with love.

Gift from heaven


babies are such great gifts from heaven, i don’t see a reason why not to love them. especially Jermaine’s little angel who’s so sweet. that’s baby Keryn in my arms with her cheeky smile. thanks to Lisa for the shot, i super love this photo although i’m like carrying her in a super awkward position. right, i wanna be a mommy too! (say only..)

29 days!


honestly, there isn’t a particular reason for locking my blog for the past few weeks. probably just wanted to keep the access to myself. nothing special too. i still blogged as per normal. anyways, now that i’m up again, just wanted to say: i’ve really AWESOME friends. thankyou for being there! ❤


and there’s a reason why i love these people. thanks for the smiles. (:


i’m trying..

with all the flooding of pictures i’m reblogging and posting from websites, i’m trying to have at least one original picture everyday on my tumblr. but i guess i’ve to spend lesser time on meaningless stuff like this anyways. haven’t been productive on my mugging, i really need to buck up over the weekends.

study + work.

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