i’m trying..

with all the flooding of pictures i’m reblogging and posting from websites, i’m trying to have at least one original picture everyday on my tumblr. but i guess i’ve to spend lesser time on meaningless stuff like this anyways. haven’t been productive on my mugging, i really need to buck up over the weekends.

look at the magical collon box! it became our japalang kachang puteh box. and amazingly, it kinda replenishes by itself. collon at first, then peanuts, then bee bee snack, then dried papaya slices. magical! *laughs*

went to work in the evening on Thursday and whole day on Friday. so basically, i have done almost nothing for revision for that two days. my best accomplishments are still.. eating, eating a lot, and eating more. oh well. and getting exhausted i think. i seriously have no idea why i actually offered to work weekday evenings next week. probably, yes, i’m so short of money. hahaha.

and there’s two funny incidents at work. okay, maybe not really funny but they left prints in my mind. one is pretty new, the other is pretty pissing actually.

  1. suddenly there was this burning stench (not food, but paper kind). i turned to ferlyna and asked “eh, you smell that?” was about to call her over to where i was standing to try figuring out where it came from when i saw this mini fire on the customer’s table. he actually got the serviettes burnt with the candle on the table but he merely sat there staring at it. like, he was keeping so quiet about it and he didn’t ask us for help. it’s really quite a funny sight but it got me all flustered for a moment before i could react by putting it off with a wet cloth. hahah.
  2. this 2 pairs of couples came to eat and the two girls, who are sisters, were so rude. they came over and one confronted me, just to ask if i’ve seen her boyfriend and if we ever exchanged conversations before. i mean, it was so random and i’d say, RUDE, that they just disturbed me while i was working and even wanted to get me to another corner just to speak to me. what’s worse? on such a stupid and meaningless issue like this. like hello? i’m a staff, not your maid or something. and the way they spoke was really.. no respect. but it wasn’t that bad cos she apologized at the end of the day and from there, i tried to get a clearer view of the situation by asking her “what’s the issue?” cos, i was just so lost at trying to understand what was the point she’s trying to make. but well, she merely said it’s between the two of them (the couple) so yups, i decided to let it go.

well, but don’t you think it was weird? like approaching a stranger who doesn’t even know her and speak so rudely like as if i owe her a million dollars. i just didn’t like that attitude but seeing that she’s a friend of ferlyna, i didn’t blow my top at her. i so wanted to go “WTF are you trying to say!” at her.. clarification: the boyfriend is a friend of my friend, i’ve seen him at my friend’s birthday chalet but i don’t even rmb if i talked to him before. but what is the issue anyways? i guess she just got the wrong person although she kept claiming i AM the one she wanna confront. young girls… tsktsk. what’s with this stupid jealousy issue? i just call it childish.. (:

to give you the benefit of doubt..