the splitter i bought a couple of months ago has been pretty handy recently. it’s a great “device” for sharing purposes. it’s virgin use was on g’s mp3 when she wanted to share the “precious love” song with me. anyways, been back to my 2nd home these days to do up my notes. just two days for now so i guess i can’t really tell if i’ve been productive or not. counting down, exactly 2 weeks to my 1st paper and i’m nowhere near prepared. oh well..

part of the food stocked up on Monday. we stock up even more junkies and snacks today. that’s when i get fat during mugging sessions. not like we live on just all these.. we DO eat lunch too. and i’ve been on my 2nd consecutive portion of fried rice for this week. to think i thought this sinful eating only happens at my 3rd home. OH WELL..

caught the show on my qvod with buddy with the SPLITTER before we headed for home yesterday after feeling we done enough work. heh. it’s actually pretty nice; the storyline, effects and all. but there were parts i just can’t stop jumping about.

yummy snack from ZT today. and teddy just can’t stop emphasizing on the KRAFT thing. studying with these people are just great. much entertainment, away from the stress and all. (erm, not like i was feeling stress to start with but yup..) in SSCS terms, can i say they play the defensive (tension reliever) roles in the group? okay, thinking about it, doesn’t really make sense. HAHAHAH

i think i should head to school earlier tomorrow. i still feel the most productive in the morning when there’s no one around. just that, i feel hungry easier because it means having breakfast earlier. maybe i should stock up even more food. HMM…

and i wonder if it’ll hurt lesser to go through things that you already see coming. like, would you already be mentally prepared for it because you were expecting it to happen? or would it just hurt more because it means your predictions, good or bad, are just so true? covering up.. sometimes it feels like a lie is started. then, more lies are crafted and used to cover up for the very first one. and like a vicious cycle, it just goes on.. eventually, the lies get snowballed to the extent that in the end, the truth is nowhere to be seen anymore. interestingly, i could be guilty of that..