keeping up to date.

with babe at Wednesday’s class. it feels like time just flew past this week. in no time, somehow, it’s Sunday already. talking about this week, have been working almost everyday and nopes, have yet to touch ANY notes or books at all. feeling so nua but stress is kinda getting to me with everyone stuck with mugging all around. oh well. and i’m feeling lazy too to get my blog up to date but somehow yes, it is now. but well, still got an urge to switch my domain to my tumblr instead.

caught the movie with epic after our Wednesday class and it was a really good one considering that i haven’t watched one since…. idk how long ago. it’s quite an old show actually but it’s really worth the catch! (:

continued with work again on Thursday and Friday was spent in school for feedback session and logistics shopping. am really sleepy these days and everyone kept saying i’m very high. most probably because i’m tired which they say is because of me eating too much which makes my metabolism. oh well. what a long but accurate link. hahah.

helped out sab for her 21st party after GM class on Saturday and it’s like a real sense of satisfaction, again. helping out the decorations, balloons and stuff with only 1 hour plus into the commencement of the party was real hectic. but it was great. her graffiti wall, the fluorescent lights and all. shall update again when i get hold of more pictures. met up with epic for supper and pool after that and wow, realised it’s been about 4 years since i last played? hahaha.

gotta get busy for now. and HOPEFULLY i can start on my exams revision soon. it’s really tough this semester that i haven’t been attending lectures.

pretending again.