babe turned 21 on 3rd October and we had a mini celebration for her on the eve of her actual day before her wonderful party as well. oh, did i mention that she’s got an amazingly pretty scrapbooked guestbook for her party! but nah, not VERY surprised because that’s exactly what this dear girl is capable of doing. really really great, she’s an impossible! (:

my “bloody” hands while working on the little gift for her in the midst of projects. thankful for the gloves available in council room and my whole packet of alphabetic macaroni. so feel like bringing them home for future use. *laughs*

crashed the guys nights out somehow and we had a bit to drink at the chamber. no idea what that place was though but it was pretty nice with some board games and all available. and i was a MAN for a night. told them to treat me like one although vivi can’t stop calling me a failure. oh well!

played some game on the machine which actually had 16 credits when we only threw in $1 and yup, go figure the names on first and third position. it’s us! hahaha

when the birthday girl arrives.. everybody who’s there minus vivi because he refused to join into the picture. and half of teddy because… he was the one holding the camera?

and she’s mine for the night. heh.

with the surprise cake buddy got for her and my very even cuts for everyone. my fraction is good okay! alright lah, not like 6 is a very odd number to start with. i just wanted to claim credit somehow. *laughs*

the difference between a pretty wallpaper and a gayish wallpaper. hahaha if you were to choose, tell me which iphone would you prefer? LOL.

headed to bottletree park with epic after the short session to chill.

the guys were dugging on the cake babe made during her baking class earlier in the evening. too bad there was gelatine inside and i couldn’t eat. looked really yummy!!

us, on the car at babe’s carpark.

at her void deck at what.. 5am? *laughs*

next morning, after 3 hours sleep, went to school for GM class.. it was a total boredom. guess it’s just me who cannot concentrate in class without notes. or probably, even with notes, i can’t. idk why but i’m just a slacker. still, i insist in going to class thinking it helps to be present. so yup, had my usual “art class” with darren providing me pictures to scribble..

headed down to babe’s after class to help out with her preparations and stuff. had a hard time trying to decide where to paste the stuff here and there but somehow or rather, it just gets done. (:

the birthday girl tying the balloon.

went to collect her 4kg cake from the shop with her mum, her buddy and kerkie. it was the first time the patissier baked a 3-tier cake and look! isn’t it great? it’s really really pretty and i think they did a great job because it was yummy too. the only bad thing was they were quite screwed up in the sense that there wasn’t a box for the cake and collection was delayed for damn long..

and the pretty birthday girl, all dressed up! (:

project groupies! sadly, the others couldn’t make it so we are like the representatives for the rest of them.


the council family!

the clique!

and the babe shot!

woot. i appeared in many many many of the photos. muahahas. happy 21st to you babe, a very belated one as of this entry but yup, i’m sure my greetings and wishes and whatever love notes has already been well written in many many places visible to you. (: