dearest g turned 21 on 29th September and her party was held at her function room 3 days prior to that date. didn’t had any “balloon girl” position for hers but was looking like some maids together with xumige as we were kinda in charged of her polaroid wall. but eh nono, i’m not complaining! it was an honour to be able to help the queen of the night. (:

the pretty red and black balloons seb got for her. really sweet to settle these for her but we had a hard time lying and trying to convince that dear girl to not get balloons herself. long story indeed.

with part of the groupies.

g with her pretty pink cake.

the part of the groupies.

the clique and the manyloves. i really really like the photo, bottom one of cos. heh. the top one was quite spoilt because the three jokers NEVER attempt to dress to birthday themes, at all, always. *shakes head* hahaha.

the polaroid and the love note. (:

the after-party was at safra jurong’s kbox! first time being there and i must say it’s really really awesome. the place, the look, the system, and everything. oh wait, maybe NOT everything because the air-con in the room didn’t seem to be working, we were actually sweating inside while it’s pretty freezing outside. and the microphones kinda kept causing the screeching sound which irritated our ears. other than that, though, i really like the place.. (:

the people present. really big group, ain’t it? includes her secondary school mates plus us, the clique. somehow, most of the people didn’t care about singing so i had a great time hogging on to the mic despite being really really exhausted. heh.

my pretty girls.

and yup, as expected, everyone was obsessed with the drinks on the table instead. ask why am i not? LOL. because i was driving and i’m always quite discipline when it comes to situations like this. so yup, sadly, i had to sip my strawberry yoghurt while looking at everyone getting high and gone and crazy and whatsnot. oh well! probably it’s a good thing also that i didn’t have to go on a laughing streak or some drunk looks in front of so many strangers..

so yup, unable to drink, i tried to get people drunk with the teddy game. i still think it was quite a fast K.O. game although not many people was knocked out by it.

entertained myself with the Shanghai mahjong in the system when there was nothing to do or no songs to sing. sad to say, though, i never did complete ONE game at all the whole night. other times, i was like the song picker for everyone else as i had fun with the system..

definitely hoped the night was a good one for the birthday girl who tried so hard to get drunk and she did, more or less. thankyou for the great night my dear! (:

continue on, met up with xumige and the birthday girl for dinner on her actual day after projects meeting at holland village. we had a nice seat by the glass window and we had a good time chit-chatting and catching up with one another.

g brought her new boy, jayvern, out in her VS bag. she shocked me for a second but i guess he’s in good condition still with the fact that he’s only a few days old.

shots of the food was pretty well-taken with the continuous effort of lighting assistant and a potential-expert photographer-to-be.

with the vegetarian menu down, i must say i had a really full POTATOESy meal with the baskets of fries and wedges. i felt like i was out to kill myself. *laughs*

and some snapshots of me trying to feed the birthday girl her dory fish because she’s such a food waster! look at the half-finished plate on the table! tsktsktsk..

but that’s like the best excuse she can give to refuse eating.

self-shots on DSLR is always not easy, eh?

headed over to cold rock for desserts after dinner. hard to believe but it’s actually my virgin trip there! quite amazed by how they do the mixing and stuff and one day, i wanna go back and try other flavours that caught my interest on the very spot. *drools*

a mini surprise gift for the birthday girl. can’t possibly meet up with her empty-handed right? her other priceless expressions can be found in her album on facebook! heh.

just a simple photo in a frame with our names, yups, my favourite photo from her birthday party. credits to seb, the official photographer of her party.

self-shots again, and another on the attempt of making our round faces look sharper. not very successful but at least, we tried! hahahah. love these girls. (: