celebrated ferlyna and jimmy’s birthday at chevrons with KTV (as usual) since they are such a great pair of singing couples. love all the photos taken with jerms’s nikon baby and the pretty external flash. had a pretty good time singing with these lovelies considering that it’s been quite long since i last hung out with them.

dearest Ev*lution gang minus four; one overseas, one sick, one working, one taking the photo – me. heh. don’t have a proper group photo so i suppose this is the one with the fullest “attendance”.

with 天, super act cute right. lols.

the pull & bear vouchers for the birthday couple as requested by the birthday girl, tagged with everyone’s code names on the envelopes.

and the not-so-surprise cake pie came.

the birthday couple.

and the pie was too hard to be cut, we decided to just bite like that. it’s really yummy but i kinda only liked the crust although i was the one who discovered the berry fillings inside. *laughs*

the cranky funny people. and welcome our newest funky member into the clan, claudia 雪! hahahah. i wonder if our clan will continue growing but current strength is 12. and honestly i quite hope it stays at that figure.. Ev*lutionLOVES. (: