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2 weeks later

happy 22nd wuwu!

exactly 2 weeks after xumige’s birthday comes wushuyi’s. and for a cake-nonlover like her, we settled for ice cream instead. dinner was at Marche where i had my favourite dosage of rosti and crepes. celebration wasn’t anything fanciful but nothing beats having it simple, with the loveliest clique. hopefully we made wuwu a happy girl.

start of the week..


another endless pit.

as i’d always label September as a suckmywalletdry month, had a couple of birthday celebrations in a week. more to come of cos and the best thing is, all of them are of my closest friends and family. just a couple of photos to share. i guess facebook and twitter already did most of the “publicity” for me. still, though, i don’t wanna give up on my blog. (:

reyna’s, fion’s, sissy’s..

Packed weekends

life as a whole.

back from one weekend had the poor flower lose the energy to live. however, giving it water revived it again shortly. i wonder if that would apply for human beings as well. packing my weekends without work with activities. i guess these can be the “water” to revive me. so tired of being exhausted from all the workload, shitholes and rubbish thoughts. i think i can be a better person. *smiles* did i mention i’ve red stripes of hair now? not exactly loving it but it gives me some courage for a change. heading for initiation later to mark this weekend. as for the last, here’s a few pictures! (:

weekends away.

Long overdue

dont wake me up.

HELLO BLOGGY! can’t believe it’s been like almost half a month since i last updated. photoshop down, busy with work, no time and all.. guess i can think of more reasons and excuses to cover the fact that i’m simply lazy. maybe i kinda lost the passion and motivation to blog. but whatever the case, i’m back again! *laughs* and yup, moving on.. CNY continued on, with a couple of gatherings here and there. the above was taken at evans’s place where i gambled and won money for the 1st time! (:

photos overload.

Big lost

stronger than yesterday.

as many would have known from my twitter, my IC went on a hide-and-seek game with me. have no idea how it got lost but it just did. feeling more of pissed than sad because it’s such a stupid way to lose it and i can’t even be sure if it was just misplaced or dropped. oh well, just my luck. still hoping it will miraculously come back to me and i swear that will be the best birthday present ever!

updates over the week.

Filling in

one more month!

drew up my schedule for the following 8 – 9 weeks till the Taiwan trip in January. just wanted to be more organized on when i’m free and when i’m not. was telling buddy that at least this time i’m slowly filling up the empty spaces and not trying to squeeze appointments in like the one i had for study break. so yup, it’s a good sign i guess.. trying to fit more work into the empty slots, need $$$ for birthday party and the trip!

of zoo, work, bi-agm, halo bar and dentist.

PD: g’s 21st

dearest g turned 21 on 29th September and her party was held at her function room 3 days prior to that date. didn’t had any “balloon girl” position for hers but was looking like some maids together with xumige as we were kinda in charged of her polaroid wall. but eh nono, i’m not complaining! it was an honour to be able to help the queen of the night. (:

white & silver and aftermath.

PD 2709: They are 42

celebrated ferlyna and jimmy’s birthday at chevrons with KTV (as usual) since they are such a great pair of singing couples. love all the photos taken with jerms’s nikon baby and the pretty external flash. had a pretty good time singing with these lovelies considering that it’s been quite long since i last hung out with them.

19th + 23rd birthdays.

Flora’s 21st

like a shadow.

flora is 21 and we had fun at her party and i just gotten my hands on the photos taken at her party and we had a ktv session last night and we ate HER birthday cakes two days in a row and and and i’d like to wish flora a happy 21st birthday again although to date, it’s belated. (:

of red, white and orange..

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