like a shadow.

flora is 21 and we had fun at her party and i just gotten my hands on the photos taken at her party and we had a ktv session last night and we ate HER birthday cakes two days in a row and and and i’d like to wish flora a happy 21st birthday again although to date, it’s belated. (:

upon reaching there with buddy, kerkie and shirong. (:

the pretty guest book done by her sis, every page is different and the materials must have cost a bomb! really really sweet of her. i did one for sissy 2 years ago but nah, it’s totally incomparable man!

the cake was really REALLY pretty, filled with sunflowers and did i say yummy too? baileys and double chocolate, totally heavenly. heh


the “shareholders” board. HEH

and the shareholders-present shot. i’m glad she liked her presents! (:

and yes, money collection area! looked like i was at a station and everyone’s giving me protection fee. still a couple of people i needa go haunt but i shall wait and see if they will come themselves. hur hur.

the common friend shot. jandy was the photographer of the day! (:

flora mini was really cute (don’t you think so?).

and shirong couldn’t stop talking to it. and i couldn’t stop laughing at how silly he looked. probably a video can better justify the scenario.

night drinking games, actually i don’t even rmb when this was taken.

and this as well but in any case, we all had a great time, right? thanks jandy for all the photos! actually i just happen to saw it uploaded to his Windows Live and got it downloaded. for blogging purposes, wonder when they will be up on facebook.. hmm hmm.

and on her actual day, yesterday, the same group of us headed to halo bar after school and projects and dinner to chill. the room was so so so packed with so so so many people but it was pretty good. oh note: find kerk in this picture!

a surprise cake vivian got her.

i think we were all so in a rush by 11plus because buddy had to book in and forgot about a group photo but i find this closest to one. buddy is super red as usual from a little alcohol intake. had an amazing ride home which cost me one of my soul but still, thankyou shirong for the lift. i shall NOT elaborate the details just in case some traffic police reads my blog. *laughs out loud*

stay as one.