i think they tried to emphasize too much on the 3D effects for this sequel which, to be honest, caused it to be quite disappointing. i find FD1 and FD3 the best if you meant the gory effects and storyline. this one, though, had a little humour here and there but as i mentioned, trying too hard for the 3D. didn’t turn out as good as i was looking forward to and expecting! wouldn’t recommend people to catch the 3D version actually, the normal one will do just fine. (:

trying our bestest to get BF done these two days. i’m like totally lost in whatever i’m doing because firstly, the notes are so plain i don’t uds a thing and secondly, i can’t work the questions without first looking at the answers. i. feel. so. dead. hope tmr will be better… will need the help of our shifus already. hahaha.

btw, i guess it must be the time of the month. i can’t believe i actually emo-ed in front of the foreverhappy group. i must have scared a couple of them. i think buddy was so surprised because i’ve never gone that quiet before. actually, have i? no idea about that but well, no worries.. guess i’m just tired and all. super fine right now already. thankyous all! and the lift and the dupershort walk with the strong and the gay, very much appreciated! (((:

a strong front no more.