the sixth sense.

with a whole big file of photos, this is my favourite photo of the day with the wonderful people –  starky. on an attempt to study BF, took my onlyworkdayoftheweek off to the council room with babe and we had a short lesson on some of the topics by the guys. thankssomuch but hmm, i guess i just kinda shut down alr, don’t really get the whole concept of it. OHWELLS. anyways, it was a long day, or you could call it night…

with vivi!



and the OGL we almost couldn’t recognised. hahah. there were so so so many other seniors around but didn’t manage to take pictures with all of them. like misha, winston, derek, teck and all. i think i did take one with gary though. congrats to all those who graduated! am so waiting for my turn which will only come next August although this is our final semester in SIM. hopefully by then, we have people still around in school to take photos with us! (:

headed to the Loving Hut at Parklane after the mugging session for a dinner. so sweet of all of them and thanks loads for not minding to have a vege meal with me. *laughs* not sure if it was good enough for them but i suppose the guys are quite amazed to have seen both me and babe eating together and finishing our food.. for the first time, is it?

the difference between the $1 ice lemon tea and $2.80 ice lemon tea.

reflection – another favourite picture. okay in simpler terms, just say i like all the group pictures we took. heh.  walked over to PS to babe’s MWL store to get some scrapbooking stuff and i swear the queue was bloody long! must be the pasar malam thingy going on and the super promotion going on that night. still queued anyways and i got myself the alpha-stickers i wanted to buy at 44% off. (:

acting like this is really a paparazzi shot.

walked over to Ice-Cold B after that because the guys were very THIRSTY. *laughs* the thing about that night was, seeing everyone around. firstly, we bumped into gab and gang at PS (though i didnt see them), and after that, at ICB, we saw a superfamiliar face..

TEDDY HO PEIXI! was like stunned when i saw him from a distance.

a wonderful night to drink eh. even babe drank! hoho. but felt abit bad cos in the end we drank by ourselves instead of heading over to wala-wala to join vivi. but then again, i’m sure the group of them over there enjoyed themselves as much as well. (:

another group photo. (:

another of my favourite shot. i really am starting to like my backview more ever since ron started saying that i look better from the back and i couldn’t agree more with him. oh well. actually buddy looking red and up like that makes this shot pretty artistic eh! heh.

got ourselves back to the Minds Cafe and this two guys literally took the same game without discussing and they both brought it back to the table at the same time. *laughs* now we know what makes them happy eh! tsktsktsk..

settled for the most common game, snorta, first and hurhur. can’t believe i lost it. kerkie and strong were supposed to lose instead. but the stupid chicken sound was so easy for them to make that i totally died even without having to make a sound when the cards are flipped.

then we continued with the telepaths game until we find it too boring to continue. anyway, i concluded that ron and i share the least set of common thinking. as a pair, we totally lose the game la. LOL.

continued with a game of taboo which strong set a forfeit before we started. i must say it was a tough fight but buddy, babe and i managed to 反败为胜! muahahah so yups…….

thats the forfeit for the other team! thatsitdotcom! LOL

thought this game looked interesting so we played it for the last tens of minutes we have over there. but trust me, it sucks! probably cos i laughed too easily, i was fined really heavily. and the jokes inside ain’t funny at all! towards the end, we already could control our laughter so much that even the action cards didn’t help. and let me tell you the $2000 joke i had to say and nobody laughed except for me!

Q: What did the penis say to the condom?
A: Cover me, i’m going in.

i thought it was funny though. it’s not? hahaha. maybe they are right, the box of jokes are quite just meant for me. OH WELL!! at least, it’s easy to make me laugh.. hurhur.

last photo of the day, on the lift to the car. what a night of food, beer and games. 3am is the time we left the place, 4am is the time i slept, for the others, i’m not as sure. hahaha

Saturday class as usual, drove to school after 3pm. had the stupidest drive ever, can’t believe i missed a turn and went around the neighbourhood for like 10 minutes. must be too tired. anyways, got the directions from strong and woot, i managed to send babe home after class and reach home safely without making any wrong turns! so proud! HAHAHAH.

on a side note, mommy has been baking a lot these days and i just had a couple of servings of them after dinner. so sinful. anyways, i think i’ve been having really childish thoughts this couple of days, like sucha bitch, like so anal but finally finally, i’m growing out of it. although i’m still trying, i really hope i can and yup, that’s where i’m going to move on. sorry babe, idk why but i feel like i really owe you an apology! it’s been terrible somehow that idk how honest i can be with you but thanks for being my babe still, i love you! (:

yet another time.