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so little time, so much to do..

other than work, the usual online shopping and stuff, been pretty much caught up with 3 new addictions recently.

  1. Hot Yoga – on the 3rd lesson with an introductory 10-day pass and i’m actually loving it! still find the 90-minute class torturous but am always looking forward to the next. sweating out is good and i really hope i can master the postures soon..
  2. Fifty Shades Trilogy – near the last few chapters of the 2nd book already and still very intrigued by it, must admit the erotic parts are kinda heavy but i actually like the storyline; can’t wait for the film to be out..
  3. Clash of Clans – decided to try out the game seeing boyf so into it and boy, it’s kinda addictive. i’m not quite a good strategy player but am learning the way and getting the hang of it.. oh, and this is the first time i’m doing an in-app purchase on a free game. see the effect of this game on me? *laughs

by the way, having a long weekend at this period doesn’t seem too good. with major launches coming up next week, i just hope we can complete everything to prepare for delivery when we go back to work on Monday.

78 days.

Total red


this is such an overdue picture to blog about because it was taken before mikey 头 left for his training in Japan but he’s already coming back like… tmr? *laughs* still, i like this photo. we all looked so in unison although i have to admit we were forced into hooking our hands tgt by the act-drunk man. i think would be better if amelia and jerms changed place though. then, there would be a pattern. anyhows, incomplete but that’s my lovely Ev*lution. (:

of work and more work..



what does 3-boys-and-a-girl spell? hahaha, of cos, it’s L4D! out with the guys for supper on Saturday night and we went for L4D2 since there was only the 4 of us. well, interesting thing is so many ppl are playing MW2 now and it seems like we are the only few ones still shooting zombies. nevertheless, i had fun cos it’s been way too long since the last time i stepped into a LAN shop! was it like a couple of months ago WHEN i lost my IC after the game? *laughs*

weekends & my new toy!

CNY 2010

suppressing is hard..

i rmb somebody telling me that it’s not the amount of money you get but the number of red packets you receive that matters because it means good luck and all. so ya, i shall not brood over the pathetic sum of buckeroos i got from this year’s visiting but be very very happy because i’ve got a whole stack of ang baos!! (:

the long CNY break.

Big lost

stronger than yesterday.

as many would have known from my twitter, my IC went on a hide-and-seek game with me. have no idea how it got lost but it just did. feeling more of pissed than sad because it’s such a stupid way to lose it and i can’t even be sure if it was just misplaced or dropped. oh well, just my luck. still hoping it will miraculously come back to me and i swear that will be the best birthday present ever!

updates over the week.

Of job assignments

keeping myself busy.

some random shot with my herbivorous friend called Pacu (巴古) at some farms at Kranji Countryside. anyways, have been on a couple of random assignments apart from my permanent part-time job at 3rd home and all i care about now is $$$. packing my schedule with jobs totally makes me happy. (:

of earning money & spending money..

Games galore

if you think you’re worth it,

having too many vowels in your name ain’t good. see, my FULL name is like only worth 19 points on scrabble. how sad. *laughs* anyways, (finally) handed in our SSCS report and the class ended like duper early. rotted in the lab till buddy came and we played some board games in the council room while waiting for the others to head to halo bar. i’ve no idea what occasion it was for but i just followed them for awhile before daddy came to pick me up for home. shan’t talk about the tiny argument i had with him to try to get out of house again the same night but i must say, i didn’t have a good night at home for another reason. wished i was out instead! went to bed at like 4am and was feeling just a little disappointed. ):

games and more games..

Friday without work

the sixth sense.

with a whole big file of photos, this is my favourite photo of the day with the wonderful people –  starky. on an attempt to study BF, took my onlyworkdayoftheweek off to the council room with babe and we had a short lesson on some of the topics by the guys. thankssomuch but hmm, i guess i just kinda shut down alr, don’t really get the whole concept of it. OHWELLS. anyways, it was a long day, or you could call it night…

of convocation and 4 other places..

The heat

is killing me.

the two posters done for the birthday boys. sometimes i just wish i had more designing-cells in me. then maybe, just maybe, my pieces of work will have more variations, without looking like the same. sighs. anyways, a happy belated birthday to yong beng and happy birthday in advanced to ming wei! note: they are only 3 days apart.. (:

weekend with plentys.

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