this is such an overdue picture to blog about because it was taken before mikey 头 left for his training in Japan but he’s already coming back like… tmr? *laughs* still, i like this photo. we all looked so in unison although i have to admit we were forced into hooking our hands tgt by the act-drunk man. i think would be better if amelia and jerms changed place though. then, there would be a pattern. anyhows, incomplete but that’s my lovely Ev*lution. (:

and yups, weekends have brought me back to my familiar 3rd home @ Roma’s Deli. slightly tiring but i still quite enjoy being there. especially so when ferlyna & reyna babes are working with me. it’s always like a long chitchattalkcock session while serving the customers and a lot of sinful treats. well, my parents ain’t very happy with me working 7 days a week though. so i’m just wondering how long i can survive past this. HMM~

anyways, apart from all the usual stuffs, we made breads, cakes and more yummy delicacies. oh well, probably not WE made, but boss makes them and we just get to enjoy the fruits of labor.. *laughs*

and with the two girls in the clique mugging hard for their eversostressful exams, the guys are only left with ME to entertain them. maybe, if L4D wasn’t a 4-player game, they wouldn’t even think of me! hahaha. jk. but still, they dragged me along and i do enjoy the sessions with them. L4D2 at random LAN shops followed by supper at Al-Azhar. exhausting at unearthly timings but i’m showing efforts to improve from the 9.5/10 non-presence. hahah.

back to the title of this post, am currently obsessed with red just like how i was into green after pink a couple of years ago. well, my green ipod cover cracked anyways so i changed it back to the red one. got a red snakeskin Viva cover as well for my berry and am awaiting the red earphones i bought from gmarket! hohoho. red is my new green!

oh ya, tse hwee just got lucky recently! so rare huh.. happened to come across this Iron Man 2 advert on FB and you just had to follow those simple 4 steps to get a chance to win the movie tickets. guess what? i actually got it!! *laughs* initially when the Starhub person called me, i thought it was like a prank by a friend or something. then i came to realise it was real. hahah. just a pair only though and i’ve no one to go with so…. gave them away to my colleague! hopefully she’ll enjoy it with her hubby. shall catch it, probably with the guys, after their exams next week. ((:

i just miss you.