one of the quotes-on-pictures made for my tumblr; i feel like i’m pretty in need of some “anesthesia” now. i think it’s been almost a month since i last had a good binge. and it’s Friday again! well, just that weekends don’t seem to make much of a difference except that i can dress more casually to go out. i AM still working anyways so yup, not much of excess time to sleep. hahah.

rights, my most recent addiction would be the local (yes, LOCAL) drama that’s airing on Channel 8 at 9pm every weeknight. i should say i started watching it for Jesseca Liu, Tay Ping Hui and Elvin Chen. afterall, it’s Jesseca’s last work before she leaves Mediacorp for good. in any case, thank God for mioTV, i don’t have to glue myself in front of the TV for just one episode from 9 to 10pm. errrm, well.. i actually glue myself there from 10pm to probably 1am these couple of nights instead. just finished episode 13. 7 more to go and i’m going to find myself another thing to get addicted to. heh.

on a side note, did i mention that sissy has recovered from her chicken pox? and wow, i’m amazed by my immunity system because i don’t seem to have infected it. well, at least for now, which is also quite a safe timing to say, i’m immuned! gosh. now do i sound happy? actually i’m not so sure anymore. i was actually looking forward to getting it for a long rest and to minimize my future chances of getting it. well oh well, it’s not my call anyways..

oh ya, back to the title of the entry! have finally decided to do away with that layout i’ve been using for years. now a new theme, edited again of course. away from my favourite green, what do you think of orange for a change? *smiles*

maintain status quo.