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48 days.

really love this song! kinda got hooked to it after watching The Oath 《行医》 earlier in the month.. Jesseca Liu is probably one of the main reasons why i actually watched it. well, i’ve always been rather supportive of local productions anyways, just that i don’t watch those episodes broadcasted on TV, doing it either online or on the pre-loaded MobTV select on mio just so i can watch as & when i feel like it and more importantly, not being restricted to the 7pm or 9pm timing while sitting through umpteen advertisements..

lyrics to 海枯石烂..

Secrets for sale


finished the show just a couple of days ago and i’m glad i managed to find the series on tudou because xin.msn only has the latest few episodes left on the server. here’s one of the quotes i really like:


– 周家琦

local production.

Black & orange


one of the quotes-on-pictures made for my tumblr; i feel like i’m pretty in need of some “anesthesia” now. i think it’s been almost a month since i last had a good binge. and it’s Friday again! well, just that weekends don’t seem to make much of a difference except that i can dress more casually to go out. i AM still working anyways so yup, not much of excess time to sleep. hahah.

addiction & change.


procrastinate somemore..

thanks to the TV advertisement for mioTV which reminded me that i can watch the series on the mobTV select, i’ve been spending my whole afternoon catching up on the episodes i missed. just can’t get enough of the baby. hurhur. better still, i brought the GM textbook to my parents bed today on an attempt to read it but i hugged it to sleep instead. then i woke up 2-3 hours later to continue watching 百万大歌星 and here i am, rotting at my com. awesome right? what a Sunday..

over the weekends.

Mind or matter

kindness, bring it on!

i think the little girl on the Singapore Kindness Movement TVC is uber adorable. the innocent face and sweet smile just melts my heart each time i see the commercial. *laughs* anyways, i’m a happy girl today because the bus arrived as soon as i reached the bus stop when i was going home! you know, it only happens probably once in every hundred times. hahaha.

“because those who matters won’t mind and those who minds, won’t matter..”

the above was supposed to be a quote from Red Thread but i can’t rmb the exact words used; just thought it made quite a good sense. anyhow, glenn, vernetta and flying dutchman never fails to make me smile sillily to myself. nowadays i feel like waking up early just to listen to their show. how i wished they can host it at a later timing. oh, and the way they commented about the actors/actresses of the two shows i watched last night is really LOL.

start it, share it, show it.

1.5 hours

9 more days.

i love colours and i love sweet stuffs. pretty and yummy biscuits were the lunch snack during mugging times with buddy today. anyways, i can’t figure what’s wrong with me this semester. the motivation to get up early, chop a good table to mug mug mug till the sun sets isn’t there anymore; the drive to write my own tidy colourful notes each time exams are near isn’t there anymore too. i just feel so screwed for almost ALL the modules this semester. but well, as if it helps, the desire to maintain my GPA is still there. hahah..

show time.


in search for weeks..

bangs and perms from awhile ago.

browsed through my old photos to search for a hairstyle i’d like to have again but to no avail. *sighs* and a salon is one of the top places on my i-don’t-like-to-go list. why? because i’ve always been salon-hopping since young, yet to find a fixed and satisfied hairstylist, and i really don’t like explaining how i want my hair to be. i wished i could be rich enough to have a personal one who knows my hair the best and can suggest the hairstyle that suits me the most. haha. yes yes, dream on, i know..



i don’t hate you; i merely forgot how to love you..

mobtv is love. all the re-watchings and the catch-ups and the sneaks. i’ve caught all available episodes of the above! heh heh heh. if only i can afford such life after school starts… well, i wasn’t called the TV freak addict for nothing! LOL

A mobile love story

it’s the 3rd consecutive stay-home weekend! i’d say i’m kinda liking it though.. spent the whole of yesterday on mobtv as it is streaming the first 10 episodes of A Mobile Love Story free and i think it’s like one of the coolest interface i’ve seen on the site. well, being a drama addict like me, i found the next 11 episodes on a CCTV website! so yups, i completed the show today.

anyways, if you’re wondering what show it is, you can take a look here. it’s a Singapore-China collaboration starring Christopher Lee, Yvonne Lim and Wallace Huo. well, the main actress is Han Xue but i doubt you’ll know who she is lah.. heh. hmm, i wouldn’t say it’s a VERY nice show but quite worth catching if you really have nothing to do – like me. *laughs*

and yes, it’s 5-5 today! have you eaten your dumpling? happy dragon boat festival! (:

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