in search for weeks..

bangs and perms from awhile ago.

browsed through my old photos to search for a hairstyle i’d like to have again but to no avail. *sighs* and a salon is one of the top places on my i-don’t-like-to-go list. why? because i’ve always been salon-hopping since young, yet to find a fixed and satisfied hairstylist, and i really don’t like explaining how i want my hair to be. i wished i could be rich enough to have a personal one who knows my hair the best and can suggest the hairstyle that suits me the most. haha. yes yes, dream on, i know..

am thinking of trying out the services at Act Point Salon which is just next to my work place or Phase Hairdressing at bugis as both salons has got pretty good reviews in the forums. but well, the former is better at its perms (from what i read) and the latter has a good promotion for soft rebonding (as you can see above). 3 is cheaper than 2, and 2 is cheaper than 1! hahah. any takers? (:

on a side note, mobtv subscription is ending in 2 days’ time, thus i decided to finish up the drama before i went to bed last night. and yes, just like babe, i’m done watching it! oh, and i think jesseca liu is very pretty. check out her blog here! heh.

class ended half an hour early today. was planning to head home while i chanted “home home home, sleep sleep sleep” non-stop before the end of lecture which babe replied with a “pig pig pig”. however, we suddenly made a random decision to catch a movie at JP since she was about 3 hours earlyfor her mental doctor appointment.

was contemplating between pink panther 2 and look for a star since they are the only 2 with suitable timings but decided on the latter after the select-a-letter thing with gladys. ANYWAYS, the movie was good, pretty hilarious at certain parts and sweet at others. but, i wonder if the movie’s too old alr, or if the timing’s a little off-peak, there were only 8 people (including us) in the entire theatre. *laughs* what a waste of capacity huh..

“happiness is like a crystal ball dropped down from the sky.. shattered into million pieces, everyone will fight to pick them up; some people tend to pick more while others, lesser. no matter how hard you try, you can never have the complete set again. however, so long as you try, you’d definitely pick some..”

actually, if that’s really the case, i wished happiness was a plastic ball instead. at least it wouldn’t shatter into pieces when it drops from the sky. it may crack, it may not be as perfect, but at least, it stays as a whole. HAHA, okay, i’m just kidding. if it doesn’t shatter, then it can’t be shared, then only ONE person can have it, and, i’m so sure i won’t be the one. lols.

after much recommendations from babe, i decided to buy a box of egg tarts from tong heng. finally set foot on JP again so yes, i had to give them a try. i must say they are really good although i’m not a huge fan of egg tarts. heh, just hope my family will like them as well. ps: been really long since i last bought things for them. hur hur.

and i’m still undecided.