too slack.

reached school pretty early today to print the AMCA readings. joined babe and the logistics team in the council room to clean up. didn’t really help much actually, i was kinda sleeping instead. but i did help a little here and there though. heh.

went for ethics lecture after that (yes, such a rare sight tsehwee is going for that) but i left at half-time again. *laughs* was practically dozing off throughout. was too tired anyways to even try to concentrate so headed home for a good 3-hours nap.

oh yes, if you’ve read my status, my dad is actually joining joined facebook! like damn funny because i saw him reading the email of his friend inviting him. so i just went on, “daddy, please don’t add me” although i helped him with the signing up process. *laughs* but to my horror, common friends between us are like so many, so yea, he found me nevertheless! argh. right now he’s still under my “friend request” list though. i told him honestly that i didn’t want him to see my profile in case he get a shock of his life. OH WELL, just hope he doesn’t get that free to play with FB long enough. haha.

on a side note, have been surfing forums to help decide on which salon to go for some hair services. haven’t decided if i should chop it off, just trim, do soft rebonding, normal rebonding, or some loose perms. i just want a change on my current look. *sighs* anyways, i’ve got this i’m-falling-sick feeling right now but i do think it’ll go away tmr, as usual. maybe i just need some rest, more rest. shall do an early night. (:

am i guilty.