lead the life..

current display picture of the stripes i just fell in love with recently. it wasn’t supposed to be a suggestive picture, thanks to FM for pointing it out to me. *laughs* anyways, been sleeping real little these days but i can’t help it because it seems like i can’t give up ANY of the items on my agenda. as much as i love to procrastinate, it just seems like i can’t do the same when it comes to blogging.

so yup, Friday night was the meet up with the girlfriends. can you imagine, the last time we met up was like in April last year. after almost a year, so much things have changed. now my two pretty babes are happily attached after going through so much trouble last year. i’m so happy for both of you, really! (:

and i finally gotten back the thumbdrive from pamela babe and found the photos we took during class outing last March. gosh, thinking back, it’s also been almost a year since we gathered as a class. time to plan a class gathering, somebody? haha.

and THIS, was taken during our previous gathering at Lot1. am waiting for the pictures we took this time, and i’m awaiting even more in hopefully two months’ time. really liked loved talking to girlfriends; would have chatted even longer if dad didn’t sms to nag me to get home. ):

the next morning was back in school for AMCA lecture. and to make time for work, i left during break time. so sad that i had to miss the video which i was looking forward to since week 2 when the lecturer mentioned about it. but well, it was all quite worth it. HEH. asked to work for half day because boss promised a steamboat for lunch! *grins* i had such a full one that it lasted me till breakfast the following day.


and tuck in!!

me and ferlyna babe. i so love the sambal chilli i’m holding in my hands!

group photo of the eaters. heh. yes, very obviously, the only guy you see in the picture is my boss. now you can have an idea of who i am talking about each time i say “my boss”. anyways, i guess he’s like the best boss in town already. i really like working there because i learn more than what i’d have expected myself to. from F&B stuffs, service issues, work and non-work related stuffs, to the ways of life. we chit-chat a lot and that’s when we all learn from one another. but well, i suppose it’s my last few months of leeching part-time pay from there already. gotta get a real job once i graduate in December.

headed down to timbre after that for bernie’s surprise party. all planned by the sweetest girlfriend ZT and the cutest great friend vinod, i really think berns the luckiest guy in the world. heh.

keith was trying really really hard to get a perfect picture of the cupcakes and stuff. and as usual, he and his “wife” did most of the photography job that night. am waiting for their “kids” to be up on facebook. making do with my omnia, i managed to take a couple of pictures here and there, with low light, night mode and no flash.

the pretty and yummy birthday cupcakes.

me and babe.

my chocolate martini! didn’t taste good at first but it started tasting like baileys so not too bad. but well, i guess lychee and apple martini is still the best. no more trying of new drinks next time…

the box i was assigned to babysit for the night.

it contained all the greetings from the guests present that night. and that, is from babe and i. babe designed the thing and i think it’s really pretty because simplicity is the new trend. heh.

and our polaroid with bernie! it’s caught on camera that i really did babysit the box huh. *laughs* anyways, had adrian to send us to city hall and we managed to catch the last train. but it was really a long wait but was glad terry was around to chit-chat with me. hahaha.

Sunday morning was back at YG again. after tuition class was some mini cookery class conducted by ferlyna and david. i bet the kids were only interested in the eating part than the learning part..

still, they had to do something before they could eat.

the potato salad and the jellies – the two delicacies they learnt ate.

headed home for a short one-hour nap before going down to work. was so guilty because by the time i reached, the crowd was already cleared. anyways, talking about work, i think sometimes things are really spooky. normally, i’ll always warn my customers when i serve them the baked rice that it is very hot, and not to touch it. but just that ONCE, i forgot to inform THAT customer about it and the next moment, i hear her screaming because she went to touch it and got burnt. gosh. the best thing i could do, then, was to act as if i didn’t hear a thing. LOL. actually, it was quite hilarious.

and look! dad is the Sportman of the Year! credits to canon. for a moment i was SO PROUD of him! heh, no lah, i mean, i’m ALWAYS proud of him but it’d be in a different way for the poster.. haha. but it does look very real, doesn’t it? because my dad’s a real good bowler to start with, i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s real.. (:

then, was taking out time to settle the ambassador stuff for the upcoming event. was so glad KC offered to take over the job of emailing and smsing the people. if not, i guess i wouldn’t be able to sleep even at 4am. okay lah, i’m just exaggerating. but i’m really thankful. heh. for now, just hope people are responsible enough to reply their emails.

after much delicacies and good food these days, i settled for the simplest thing for lunch at work. instant noodles with eggs and diced tomatoes. and, i actually loved it. actually, instant noodle is one of my favourite meals because it’s the best thing i can cook. HAHAH.

headed to the cathay for a movie with a couple of the council peeps after work. was glad i caught like the first 40 minutes of the show prior to the session online because we missed a little of the front part. in any case, it’s a really nice movie except that it was REALLY LONG. the show made me laugh and cry at the same time. i especially liked the parts where this old man shared his experiences of how he got strike by the lightning and and and.. BRAD PITT IS DAMN CHARMING! last but not least, thanks kelvin for the ride home. saved me the cab fare i was planning and already put aside. hahaha.

it’s 3am now and my hair is ALMOST dried. time to sleep. good night world. (:

like i used to, before.